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Monday Air

Bruce u

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Hey there

Sun just coming over the horizon here. Going to be another nice day. A little crisp with frost on the ground. Actually it is supposed to be sunny and warmer than normal all this week. Last year we had snow on the ground by now and it stayed until mid May, 7 a lot longer than normal for around here.

Mike do you have long winters and real cold temperatures in Nebraska ?

Like you Mike I lived in Yellowknife which is a small City of 20,000 but is 900 miles from a big city, so not many big name bands came there. Nazareth came there a couple years ago and was a good show. George jones as well. I've seen a few more country singers/bands like Tanya Tucker, Brooks and Dunn, Clint Black, etc. I seen Clint Black at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas and we should have gotten our money back. For the first 45 minutes they were having sound trouble. He would start singing and stop. That would not have been so bad but after the sound issue got corrected he only played for 30 minutes and left. Tickets were not cheap either. The next day I heard that Martina McBride was playing at another hotel.

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Good morning Bruce - well it's afternoon now I'm sure. We are having another gorgeous day here. Don't know how long they will last, but not long. Maybe the first of November if we're lucky, then the clouds, fog and rain will start to move in for the winter. We have a pretty mild winter compared to a lot of places, and winter itself really isn't that long, but the gray cloudy weather can last sometimes into June. When I grew up in DC, we would have a bad snow storm, but then the sun would come out! And when it rained, it really rained - I don't mind a good rain storm. We don't get rain storms here much - just drizzles - very depressing. It's the months of no sun that I really have a problem with and it seems to get worse as I get older.

I'm not sure what the population here is anymore - probably about 60,000-70,000 or so maybe. So while i consider it small, it isn't tiny. The closest large cities are Portland and Sacramento - and they are 5 - 6 hours away by car. We do have an outdoor summer venue that brings in some well known groups - but tickets can be hard to get. The Everly Brothers were here in the 90s, and I was so bummed I couldn't get a ticket :( I did see the Beach Boys at the Fair (or as I call it - the Beach Boy). The only original member of the group was the lead singer Mike Love, all the rest were young guys who were just filling in. The music was still good though.

Sounds like you've seen a lot of good groups - I think Brooks & Dunn would have been a really good concert - as would Martina McBride - but my opinion of Clint Black has certainly changed. I don't see how they could not have given everyone some sort of partial refund at least!

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