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Saturday's Air

Bruce u

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Good mornimg everyone

Or at least it is morning here. Another nice crisp sunny morning. A little warmer than normal but that's OK. We had a couple days this week that broke records for warm temperatures. It was +16C in a couple area's. In my area we were at +12 and we'll certainly take that late October. Now tomorrow is a different story. I have to drive 8 hours south and they are supposed to be getting snow.

In the mornings now it is about 8:30 before it gets full daylight and the evenings are about 6:30 and it is dark. So daylight is definitely getting less each day. We will be switching to Daylight Savings time on November 3 so it will be dark driving home.

How about in your area ? What time is sunrise, sunset ?

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Good morning Bruce. Our weather continues to be just wonderful, but I did notice that beginning Monday the termperature is supposed to drop from the mid-70s to a high of 59 on Tues. and in the low 60s for the rest of the forecast. No rain predicted yet, but I think this may be the last of the warmer temperatures. Just in case that proves true, we are driving out today to have lunch at a place on the Rogue River. I want to get out and enjoy this as long as possible. I don't know when our sunrise and sunset is to be honest. I guess I just haven't paid attention to the sunset, and generally I make it a point to not be up to see the sunrise. LOL

Other than lunch, we have been fixing up a Power Wheels jeep for our grandson and are trying to get that finished. Well to be honest I'm supervising and Chuck is doing most of the work :). Someone gave it to them but it was pretty beat up and stopped running. Our grandson is not quite 4, and is only allowed to ride it with supervision in the backyard - but just loves the thing. His favorite color is blue, and he loves Mickey Mouse, so I thought it should be painted a bright blue with chrome and Mickey Mouse decals. I guess it must be a "guy thing" because they (Chuck and our son) decided it had to be painted black (boring) with some sort of decals that are supposed to be flames but have no color at all (also boring you can hardly notice them). Of course it hasn't slipped my mind that grandpa always wanted a black jeep -- hope he doesn't plan to drive it :lol:

Better get ready for lunch. How is everyone's weekend going?

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