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Saturday Air

Bruce u

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Morning everyone

Well I think winter has finally began on the farm. We had a little snow this week maybe 4" in total. Tuesday morning it was -31C (-24F) so a little chilly. This morning was a crisp -16C (+3F). The new pony is getting his winter coat and beginning to enjoy the warm shelter.

What is happening in your neck of the woods ?

I just read an article on Lung Cancer Canada website and they had this did you know :

Most new lung cancer diagnoses in Canada are among people who have never smoked or

who quit smoking.

Although lung cancer causes more than a quarter of cancer deaths, it receives less than

7% of national research funding.

Lung cancer takes the lives of nearly twice as many Canadian women as breast cancer

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Morning Bruce. I was going to whine about our cold weather (46F today), but I'm guessing I wouldn't get much sympathy from you :) Am glad the pony is settling in - what's his name?

Sad to say I think the Canadian statistics are pretty close to the US statistics. I recite these to everyone I meet, and occasionally I'll run into someone who seems truly interested and surprised by the numbers, but often it just seems like their eyes just glaze over. Not only that, but when I was going through treatment a few years ago there were all kinds of special services etc. for breast cancer patients (here at our small cancer group), but nothing for us lung cancer patients. I do not begrudge the breast cancer patients anything - they deserve it as well, but i hope that has changed somewhat because at the time it really made me feel like I didn't matter.

I hope the sun is shining for most of you this weekend.

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