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Wednesday's Air

Bruce u

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Well ladies I haven't recieved any of that warm air yet !!! Right now the temperature is -33C (-27F ) and with the windchill it is -36C ( -33F ). So Cindy I don't think your kids would venture outside at all here. And to think that 3 years ago I moved south. LOL In Yellowknife these were suntanning temperatures !!

Katie I will try to get to the Hope Summitt. Depends on work. I am going to the Dominican but that is near the end of April....just to thaw out. And I think you were coming north of the border as well.

I shop online very little just because I try to support local business as much as possible. But yes Cindy I getthe impression that you are quite familiar with it. LOL

Ms Texas I definitely do rember the old bus trips. We had alot of laughs over the bus. I remember one post we had 94 replies in a very short time. Members were popping in frequently ust to get updated. I remember Patti B and Judy KW trying to drive. I think Muriel was the navigator and leader. Hopefully the bus is parked in your yard Katie because I don't think it will start if it's parked in mine.

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Hey Bruce,

I tried to fan some warm air that way, let me know if you get it.

I understand about shopping locally. My town has this great little bakery where I take the kids every Friday after school to pick out a cookie. It's an expensive cookie, but it is SO good. It tastes better because I didn't have to cook it or dirty any dishes. Ha. So is there a bakery you could give gift cards to, &/or a local coffee shop? I like to get coffee but rarely do because I feel so guilty because I CAN brew my own.

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Bruce, after reading about all these cold temps, I was so cold I had to thaw out my fingers could they type! :lol: If you are going to send a picture of the snow, maybe you could include one of the pony? Or maybe just one of the pony in the snow!

It's been in the mid to high 40s here, which I know isn't really cold, but it's cloudy and rainy so it just feels much colder than it really is - to me at least. We have a huge number of retired people who go to Arizona or Palm Desert every winter for a couple months . . . that is starting to seem like a good idea.

I've been thinking about all the Xmas gifts I've gotten from employers over the years, and I always enjoyed getting some kind of goody I probably wouldn't have indulged in myself. One employer gave all of us gift certificates to the "up-scale" local butchers shop - and that was really appreciated as well - I got lobster!

Cindy, I'm an online shopper as well. Because of SOB I just can't walk the malls or super stores any longer. They have great online sales and free shipping if you watch for them, the only thing you do lose is the ability to really see the quality, color etc. in person - but if you know what you're looking for it is sooooooo much easier than standing in line and fighting the crowds. I know some people just love it - but I can't think of a worse fate than going out at midnight to stand in line - in the cold and rain - to shop a Black Friday sale!

Well the day is half over and I've managed to get very little done - so better get a move on.

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Cindy I bet those cookies taste a whole lot better than packaged store bought. You might need to fan a little harder, still chilly here. LOL

Diane I think that I prefer than cloudy and rainy. Even in the cold weather that sun sure looks nice. Northern lights are starting to get really nice as well.

You mentioned lobster. I grew up on an island off the east coast of Canada so fishing was a favorite hobby. The cold north Atlantic produces great seafood. In warmer ocean water it all taste different. Salmon is pink as opposed to deep red in the Atlantic. When I go to a restaurant in the west and someone is talking about how good their lobster taste, I just smile. Those are what we called rock lobster and we threw them back.

Katie that is an awesome picture of you driving the school bus. How did I know it was you.....your feet can't touch the floor. HaHa. Had to get you on that one Ms Texas.

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Bruce & Diane, I like to shop online because my kids are still small they are 5 & 7. They just don't have the shopping endurance like they used to when they were strapped inside strollers. :wink:

What's the bus talk about? I want to get on the bus!


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