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NSCLC diagnosis need advice


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My family member was just diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC lung cancer. I am at a total loss. She never smoked and has survived breast cancer (20+ years now) we are stunned. What now? She starts Chemo next thursday but how long do we have? He wouldn't say. But I have to know, are we taking months? Year? Years? What are your experiences. Please help!

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Hi Anya

I am so sorry that you have a reason to be here. But you will find members here have a wealth of information and are very supportive.

Some Oncologist will give you a timeframe and other's will not. Personally I would not believe it anyway. I was given a timeframe for both my Mother and my Brother. Neither were even close. You will read stories on here of members given a few months but are here years later. No one has an expiry date stamped on the bottom of their foot for the Oncologist to read. Oncologist giving timeframes are just going by statistics. Those stats can include people of all ages, different illnesses, etc. Also people react differently to treatment.

I would say just enjoy the time you have whether it is months or years.

Please come back and let us help support you on this journey. Take care.

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