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I haven’t had a chance to go back to see what I’ve missed yet on the boards, but am starting to feel like I’m back among the living. My breathing is still really bad, but I’m told it will just take awhile to get over this. I am thrilled to be out of the hospital and home where maybe I can get some sleep. Hospital life is so bizarre – it seems like you are living in some sort of odd time warp. The longest period of time I counted where they left me alone was approx. 2 hours. I do breathing treatments at home, which they felt important to continue in the hospital – but at home I don’t do them at 3 A.M. for pete’s sake!

In the meantime our weather has been one for the books as well. It went down as low as 7 degrees, and school was closed for three days --- all unheard of here. Today it is warming up some, so hopefully it will finally melt some of the snow and ice and we can get back to our normal gray rainy days.

We are getting a new (old) dog. Really it’s a “family rescue” of our son’s Chihuahua. They have three toddlers (1,2 & 3) and naturally they just won’t leave the poor dog alone. The dog is 12 – a case of being an only pampered dog for all those years until they had kids . . . After we lost one of our dogs to cancer recently we offered to take him. The smallest dog I’ve ever owned was about 60 pounds – and our remaining German Shepherd is 80 – so this will sure be a first for us. I am kind of excited actually. I do hope it works out. It will be good for all of us I think. Our Shepherd is pretty submissive and so is the Chihuahua – one is female and the other male – so I’m cautiously optimistic.

I hope everyone has stayed healthy and warm. Am still so tired so off to take a nap.

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