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Fast Food can be healthy - TRUE or FALSE? Pic included


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Are you on the go a lot? Don't want to take the time to pack a healthy lunch? Well here is some fast food you can pre pack and take with you before you head out of the door!

Grab a quart sized baggie with a sliding zipper or a plastic cups with lids (frequently found at large grocery stores & warehouse discount clubs) , and load it up with whichever you like!

-Baby Carrots

-Broccoli florets (save your extra to go ranch dressings for this snack)

-Sugar Snap Peas

-Cucumber slices (mmm, paired with a laughing cow cheese wedge & saltines)

-Celery sticks (slip in a to go cup of Jif peanut butter in your baggie)

-Apple slices

-Grapes (when they are frozen they resemble a candy crunch!)

-Kiwis (just slice a sliver off the end, and scoop out the green parts with a spoon!)



-A pear

-A mango

Which will you choose? Did I miss your favorite? Please reply with your favorite fast food! Happy snacking!



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