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Cindy - good for you - hope you are enjoying your day off. Loved the snowman!!

It is cold here and raining (which we need), but I got a call yesterday from my son who lives in Portland. He was sitting on the freeway in a blizzard, going nowhere. Problem with big snow storms here is that we don't really get that many, and when we do things just come to a standstill. He said he was passing snowplows that had broken down. He finally parked his car and walked a couple miles home. He could have made it with chains, but he has a new car and figured they wouldn't get any storms like that this winter since it had been so dry and he didn't want to spend the money on chains -- Why don't they ever listen to their mothers!!

I am still working on trying to get my prednisone prescription down to a much smaller dose. Have been having trouble getting it down since I got pneumonia. It just makes me so jumpy. I have all this nervous energy so I start all these projects, but then jump to another one, then another one - and don't finish anything. It is driving me nuts --- then i get tired from all the jumping around and take a nap! :roll:

Normally we don't do too much for Valentine's Day, but my husband has been complaining about the coffee. I stopped drinking it during chemo, and never started up again - but he really likes his coffee (only drinks regular coffee though, not the lattes etc). I thought I would get him some really good coffee from one of the specialty stores - but wonder if we need a new coffeemaker. Our's is pretty old - but still works. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether or not the coffeemaker makes a difference in the quality of the coffee? or is it just the coffee beans alone?

I hope everyone has a warm, dry, safe weekend.

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Hi Diane and everyone. Sorry that I haven't been on in a while getting ready for my trip to Louisiana and trying to finish up some things before I leave. I had to move my leave date up by 3 weeks because of the cost going up. So I am in a mad rush to get things done.

I hate that your son got caught up in that mess but sure am glad to see the rain and the snow in the mountains. I was really getting worried and know that we are not out of the woods yet. Still raining here and should keep it up until Monday morning then a break with more rain moving in mid week. It is nice to see and hear the creek with water again and it is amazing how quickly the grass starts to green when it rains. Everything was so dry but I am already seeing green in the field across the street.

Diane I hope you can get off of the Prednisone soon. I have a neighbor who is on it and she is all puffy and not happy about it.

It has been awfully quiet on here. I hope it is because everyone is busy and enjoying their days and not because of the weather knocking out their power. Have a great day everyone. I will try to check in again soon.

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