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Monday air!


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Okay so remember how I was telling you Texas had a beautiful Friday and Saturday? Well, Sunday we had "ThunderSleet" storms. Those types of storms are rare for Texas. My whole town has a thin covering of snow cone looking ice. Guess what happens when Texas has ice around? Schools shut down, and everybody clears the chip and cookie aisles at the grocery stores. The roads around my house look safe enough. I really think they close the schools to protect those who ride the bus and have to wait up to 20 minutes at the bus stop. Most stores here don't sell warm enough jackets that will stand up to -4 wind chills. It is Texas.

Enough about my weather. I think I can hear Bruce laughing at our temps. :wink:

How was your weekend?

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Hi Cindy - our weather doesn't seem as extreme as yours right now, but we are at the stage where it is hard to decide which coat to wear. It has been around 50 and raining, and it seems if I choose the heavy coat I am way too warm, and if I choose the lighter coat I am shivering. The light weight coat with a sweater seems to be the best choice. I doubt that Bruce is feeling much pity for either of us :)

Just a reminder that time changes this coming weekend (3/9) - can't believe it's that time of year already, but if that means spring is here (or at least on the way), I'm all for it!

I'm visiting a friend for the last time this afternoon. She is in hospice and not doing well at all. This is the friend I've mentioned before whose bucket list consisted of eating as many different dishes that she had never tried before. We've had a great time the last couple years trying all sorts of new things. I'm really going to miss her.

The rest of the week is looking pretty uneventful - and that's okay.

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Hey Cindy and Diane

You are correct....no sympathy from me on the temperatures you have. Those are Speedo temperatures here. LOL Vancouver very rarely has snow either but last week they had snow for 3 days.

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