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LUNGevity Hero: Doug Kammerer


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LUNGevity Hero: Doug Kammerer

March 4th, 2014 - by bnetter

It is with great excitement that we launch our monthly LUNGevity Hero spotlight to honor some of our most important allies in our fight against lung cancer. LUNGevity has an incredible community of supporters from all walks of life who make a difference in the fight against lung cancer – from vocal survivors and inspiring caregivers to members of the media who shine the spotlight of public attention on this important issue and scientists investigating and finding innovative early detection methods and treatments.

Our first LUNGevity Hero is NBC-4 (Washington, DC) Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer. Inspired to work with LUNGevity after lung cancer affected his own family, Doug is important to LUNGevity in so many ways. For a number of years he has served as emcee and vocal supporter of our Breathe Deep DC walk, often acting as the public face to a much broader audience via broadcast and social media channels. His support has helped build momentum and participation in the annual Breathe Deep DC walk on the National Mall, inspiring involvement, participation, and awareness across the DC metropolitan area.

Breathe Deep DC veterans know Doug as an encouraging member of the LUNGevity family, while newly-diagnosed lung cancer patients and their families may find him a welcoming introduction to an important community and resource. In fact, one member of the community remembers coming across one of Doug’s tweets about the DC LUNGevity walk soon after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Incredibly thankful to have found a resource and a community, he is now a strong public advocate and volunteer for LUNGevity, all because of Doug’s high profile support. Without Doug’s social media outreach, this community member might not have known where to begin in his own battle with lung cancer. He and many others across the National Capital region have benefited from Doug’s generous use of social media.

Doug supports LUNGevity at NBC events, including leading LUNGevity walks at the annual NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo. In 2012 at the LUNGevity Musical Celebration of Hope Gala in Washington, DC, Doug was honored for his contribution to the fight against lung cancer. He continues to serve as a vocal advocate, inspiring the support of those who are not as familiar with the disease, and touching the lives of those who are personally affected. We thank Doug for all of his support, and we are proud to launch LUNGevity Heroes with our enormous appreciation and gratitude to Doug Kammerer.


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