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Identifying LC survivors in a given area


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How do you go about connecting with other LC survivors in a specific area? When I first discovered Lungevity, last fall, I found one event up in northwest Arkansas, but none in central Arkansas (Little Rock area). I know nothing about fundraising or event planning, but it looks like the first step towards getting some sort of event going would be to identify the group of people that would be interested in working on it. How have others accomplished this task?

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I'm a Stage IV lung cancer survivor who is currently trying to recruit volunteers who are passionate about bringing lung cancer awareness and education to my area, Spokane, WA. I have been communicating with Diana A. to organize a Breathe Deep event. Would the email address you provided (events@lungevity.org) let me know if there are volunteers on file in my area who are committed to our cause?


Meloni Armstrong

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