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What Does a Day with Lung Cancer Look Like and Sound Like?


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This morning as I was wondering around the Web, I was also thinking about how the world seems smaller and more intimate when others are coping with something like you are. I was thinking back to so many comments at the recent HOPE Summit in Washington DC, and the looks on people's faces when they heard they weren't alone in their journey - someone in the room, at their table, could understand, they had felt it, they got it. And in the midst of my meandering thoughts I just happened upon an entry - a song and pictures -- that stirred my heart. I knew I had to share it with all of you.

This story aired on the Classic Hits Station WJLT, provides a glimpse into the life of someone with lung cancer. It tells of a woman, Jennifer Glass, who was diagnosed with lung cancer. When she began treatment her husband started taking photos of her every day for a year. Together with her brother Lawrence, Jennifer wrote a song about that year. Do any of these phrases stand out to you?

"Why do the swallows still sing? They ought to know we're mournful and slow, but their cheerful voices ring."

"Life isn't fair; it comes out of nowhere, nowhere, nowhere..."

"Before I check out, I have one thing to shout, at the top of my lungs, I was here!"

But you have to hear it yourself.

http://lungcancer.about.com/b/2014/05/1 ... d-like.htm


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