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I have not yet been diagnosed with cancer but they found a spot on my lung that has grown some since the last ct scan that I had from having pneumonia and so I am going to have a biopsy done on Wednesday and I am just wondering if any of you have had major issues of anxiety, sadness, scared and just all around worry about it? I am a single mom of 2 and am scared to death. I lost my sister unexpectedly Oct of 2011 and I am very much so worried about my parents handling it if it is cancer. If anyone out there can please just give me some insight of this that would be great. I also found out in July of 2012 that I have copd and immediately quit smoking.

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Welcome to this great site.

I think it is normal for you to be scared and have all those feelings. I know I was several months from the time a spot showed up on a chest x-ray until I had surgery to determine if it was cancer. I was stressed all the time. That was in 2007 and even now while I am waiting for the results of my test it is very stressful. Most members here refer to it as scanxiety.

It sounds like they are being proactive in doing the biopsy. It could be other things as well but definitely better to be certain.

I had surgery and had my left upper lobe removed. A few months after that I was also diagnosed with COPD. But I still work and enjoy a very active lifestyle.

Take care and please post any updates. There are alot of members here with experience that nay be able to answer questions for you.

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