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Seven Years

Bruce u

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Morning everyone

I know it has been quiet here but thought I would post this because it may be encouragement and hope for others.

In September 2007 I had my upper left lobe removed and was staged 1B. My surgeon and Oncologist said I was good to go and required no further treatment. From reading on this site and talking to other members, I found out about adjuvant chemo. I asked my Oncologist about it and he said it was not given for lower than stage 2. I pushed for it and he checked with his Oncologist team. They were divided on it. I requested the chemo and did 4 rounds. They even wrote on my chart that research did not support my decision. Go ahead seven years, yesterday I got another NED result. If I had not been a member of this site or gotten suggestions from members here, who knows if the result would be the same. I give credit for my NED result to having adjuvant chemo. I give credit to this site for me finding out about adjuvant chemo. I know one member, Muriel, really pushed me to get it and I can never thank her enough.

This site is important especially for people just beginning this journey. Take a minute to not only read but to post as well.

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Hey Bruce,

Great news!. There is new research on circulating tumor cells though the first idea of it was first introduced in the 1800s. New technology can detect them and even sequence the genes of the cells. This will help with determining if micro metastasis are actually gone.

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