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Hi Rick

I love the new look but can't help wonder how you do all of that and take care of two little ones? The new look really is great. I do have one suggestion.

Before I found this site I was thinking of a web page that offered support and informanion. Nearly everything that I had in mind is here on this site. The one thing missing is a forum where information on medications can be posted. There are a lot of medications that a person with lung cancer often finds themselves taking. There are often many questions about those medications. Not all medications are chemo and there are drugs that are given with chemo to help with side effects. There are also many drugs that are used for pain or anxiety. Nearly all of them have side effects and many cause unexplained adverse reactions.

I believe that we should have a special place to discuss these medications. There should also be room to post any information we can find on these medications or links to the information. There is so much out there but to find it you sometime have to seach through literally hundreds of web pages. I know when I was looking up information on Morphine I found a number of those pages that contained nothing but an addicts discription of getting high. Others just made no sense at all. Having a place that we can each post what we find plus individual reactions would make it much easier for someone who has questions and no time to spend searching.

This is just a thought but I feel it is an important issue. There is also information on blood gases and anxiety as well as depresion. Some things that are not really a part of lung cancer but go hand in hand with it to cause many serious problems.. I just thought I would give you something to think about. I really do like the new look. Makes us look more profesional maybe that is a start to make some people set up and take notice!!!!!!!!Lillian

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