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Hi I was diagnosed with stage II nsclc inMarch of 2012. I was 45 years old and a non smoker. I had my right middle lobe removed and portions of the upper and lower lobes. Several of my lymph nodes tested positive for cancer. I had once chemo every three weeks over 12 weeks followed by 8 weeks of radiation. I have had clear results since then until my last CT in December 2016. It showed several lymph nodes enlarged so my Oncologist recommended a biopsy. Biopsy confirmed that the Cancer is back. I also is the ALK positive Dr said I can start taking Critzotinib but that I also qualify for a clinical study. Has anyone participated in clinical studies ? If so which ones and what was your experience?

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I have not taken part in any. I was Dx IIB in March of 2011. I can tell you that I am fortunate to know dozens of people who have been through clinical trials and the large percentage of them have had amazing results including a gentleman who has been NED for TWELVE YEARS after being Dx stage IV. He is an amazing guy who deserves every second of those years and is very active in attending events to show off how happy & healthy he is. Obviously not everyone gets that outcome. A couple might get better. Some will get the same, a little less or no results at all... well, poor results is what that should actually say I guess. I can't imagine being faced with the decision you have on your lap. I hope you are a praying person so you can get some better answers from on high. I will pray that you are guided to the best choice for you and that the treatment you choose does its best for you!!
I'm sure you will get more answers too, so keep coming back!

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