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That's God


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I recieved this in my email this morning. It helped lift me out of a bad state. Then I read Tbones beautiful post and it reinforces this message. God saw what I needed and sent it to me. This is the email and how true it is.

Have you ever been just sitting there and all of a sudden you feel like doing something nice for someone you care for. . THAT'S GOD . . . He talks to you through the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever been down and out and nobody seems to be around for you to talk to. ....

THAT'S GOD . . . He wants you to talk to Him.

Have you ever been thinking about somebody that you haven't seen in a long time

and then next thing you know you see them or receive a phone call from them. . ....

THAT'S GOD . there is no such thing as coincidence.

Have you ever received something wonderful that you didn't even ask for, like money in the mail,

a debt that had mysteriously been cleared, or a coupon to a department store

where you had just seen something you wanted, but couldn't afford. . .

THAT'S GOD . . . He knows the desires of your heart.

Have you ever been in a situation and you had no clue how it is going to get better, but now you look back on it. . .THAT'S GOD . . . He passes us through tribulation to see a brighter day.



I was thinking of You! Please pass this along and share the Power of God.

In all that we do, we should totally give HIM thanks and our blessings will continue to multiply.

This message was sent to me by a close friend so please pass it on to all of your good friends.

Keep this going for an eternity.

NOW THAT'S GOD!!!!!!!!

Don't tell GOD how big your storm is.

Tell the storm how BIG your GOD is!

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