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Need info on IMRT Radiation versus Standard 3D Radiation?

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Here is an explanation of both types of radiation from LUNGevity's Lung Cancer 101 website:


IMRT is an advanced form of 3D therapy. IMRT modifies the radiation by varying the intensity of each radiation beam. This technique allows a precise adjustment of radiation doses to the tissues within the target area, possibly allowing a higher radiation dose to the tumor and keeping more radiation away from nearby normal tissues. Many major hospitals and cancer centers now use IMRT.


3D-CRT uses special computers to precisely map the location of the tumor. Radiation beams are shaped and aimed at the tumor from several directions, which makes them less likely to damage normal tissues.

Here's the link to the page if you'd like to read about other types https://www.lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/lung-cancer-101/treatment-options/radiation-therapy

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Thank you Lauren, I sincerely appreciate you quick response. If you will remember my radiologist wanted to treat my lung cancer using the IMRT technique, however my insurance provider denied his request twice, so I am now awaiting the new radiation schedule utilizing the 3D technique. I will keep you posted.

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