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Totally Confused, Need Some Recommendations

Mike Monaco

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I posted on another thread about the findings on a CAT scan of a growing nodule of 1.6 cm and consulting with oncologist to get it removed but it turned out the original radiologist that did the scan misinterpreted just about all the scans since I started in 2015, so now they have been revieved by my Pulmonologists hospital and we have totally different circumstances, so I am not sure what to do next and would like some input from members since I am getting differing opinions from the doctors involved.  Basically the revised findings which I was not aware of until this last week are that in a  chest scan I had in Nov 2015 showed a 8mm nodule in my left lowe lobe (never told about this).  In a followup scan on July 2016 the nodule was now 1.4cm (also never told).   I had another scan in Dec 2017 and the nodule had not changed, still 1.4cm (this is the first I heard)  According to the radiologist it appears dormant and recommends a followup CT.  The oncologist I went to when I was told different circumstances said I should have a PET scan done.  I am not sure it will show up on the PET.  Also can I be scar tissue?  Please give me an idea of which way to turn.  Has anyone ever dealt with a dormant nodule? Should this be left alone and just followed or should it be removed surgically?  I hate to touch it and cause problems.  I am not sure what to do. Really appreciate some guidance, thank you. 

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I was hoping someone on this forum had experienced something along these lines of having a dormant nodule, especially since it was a Lung cancer only site, but I guess due to the limited number of members, perhaps they have not run across it so far.  Just in case someone else has encountered this issue I also posted the same issue on Inspire, it is not a dedicated Lung Cancer forum, but it has a very large Cancer forum encompassing all types of Cancer, so I did received a good number of responses including  Blessing for a good outcome.    It seems it does happen from time to time, mostly after treatment with chemo or other modalities has begun, but seldom during initial growth.  When it happens at that time it usually due to either the  nodule is unable to  generate more blood vessels to grow or it has been found by the immune system and goes dormant.  They also said it might be just scar  tissue now, which is what I really hope.  Either way i was told it can stay that way for over 20 year, so I may end up dying before  it starts up again, so the joke will be on the tumor then!  Ha Ha That is it so far, will update if more info is presented.  Hope this helps someone in my shoes at some point.  



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