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High levels of B12 -Question


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My mother had a lobectomy to remove a tumor in her lung. It was concentrated and not in any surrounding lymph nodes, but it is Small Cell Lung Cancer. She has opted out of any treatment and the Dr predicted that she would start to have symptoms of spread in about 6-8 months. She is at 7 months now and is still clear. However Oncologist recently tested her vitamin levels and it is showing very high levels of vitamin B 12, and my understanding is that this can be a factor in lung cancer. Can anyone tell me if this indicates that her original cancer has metastasized?  Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

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I'm not able to answer your question, but the B12/lung cancer connection is something that has been studied. I have adinocarcinoma, just had a lobectomy of my lower left lobe done 9 days ago. 12 years ago I had gastric bypass surgery; this is known to cause low absorbency of many vitamins, B12 being one of those. I had taken B Complex supplements and an additional B12.  My cancer was diagnosed in June of this year & for the 1st time ever, my levels of B12 had skyrocketed off the charts & my PCP recomended I discontinue these supplements. I had done some research to see if there is any connection; the only thing I was able to find was a study done at Ohio State in 2017. https://cancer.osu.edu/news-and-media/news/long-term-high-dose-vitamin-b6-b12-use-associated-with-increased-lung-cancer-risk-among-men It sounded like there may be greater likelyhood of getting lung cancer if taking large doses of B vitamins & only for men. I am a woman. Maybe more research needs done on this aspect. I wish the best for your mother!


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