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Where are people with lung cancer that choose no treatment?

Danny Myers

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I have had lung cancer for over a year. And it's been stage four for almost nine months. I was seventy two when my cancer was diagnosed . I lost my husband of fifty years just three years before that. His first bout with lung cancer was treated aggressively. It payed off.  He had five years of good health until the cancer reappeared in his esophagouse . This time treatment didn't work and he passed away.  When I was told I had it I decided that because it couldn't be cured and because I had no one to support me through treatment as I did my husband and because I am old. I decided not to have treatment with traditional Chemo.  They tested me for other forms of treatment that help some but they were not right for me. So I was resigned to die in months.  Well it's been well over a year since I was first diagnosed with lung cancer. I have experienced fatigue at times but up until recently my health has remained pretty good.  Recently I have had more coughing and more chest pain but am still able to function. I never see information about people who are not taking treatment  Am sure there are others out there 

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Danny Myers       So glad you bring this up. My wife was diagnosed five months ago and so far no treatment. As a result of doctors disagreeing with each other,  the surgery that has been pushed on us has still not happened although it is scheduled for this month.  My wife's test results have shown no change in size of a 4 cm squamous cell growth.  Surgery is scheduled for late next week and I am still tempted to postpone it.

Have you had any testing that shows a comparison over the nine month period??

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