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Recurrent parotid gland swelling?


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Just thinking (probably too much) while awaiting the ever-so-slow return of calls about other things I've had in the past two years that nobody could quite give me answers for.

Terrible parotid/salivary gland swellings (some were infections, others swelled and went away). Painful!!!!  Prob at least 6x in past 2 to 3 yrs.

Vertigo.  Good grief... out of the blue, could be walking or lying in bed but wham, spin goes the room.   These episodes happen frequently (monthly, at least 1-2 times).

Charlie Horses in strange and painful places like the back of my left thigh, especially. Not calves...thighs. Wakes me pronto when at night.

Chronically low Vit D and potassium although I drink milk, eat yogurt, green smoothies, etc.  CRP levels always high (20s to 30s).  Best anyone came up with was I have bad knees and some sciatica. 😕

Thanks for bearing with me...I hope to get some light shed on this coughing spree and these upper nodules soon. 🙏

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