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Lung Nodule

Sharon L.

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Has anyone gotten a lung Nodule that wasn’t cancer after successful Vats Surgery? I had CT in February and all was good now 6 months later and there is a 4 mm Nodule in lower left lobe had one removed in lower right lobe on 2/13/18.  Don’t see oncologist until 8/30 but trying to stay positive. 

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Hi Sharon,

I was told by folk on this forum, who've been on this journey a lot longer than I have, that "nodules come and go" and that most nodules are "harmless".  Here is the more info if you're interested.  4 more days to your appointment with the onc! it'll be here before you know it! Don't need to open your umbrella until you KNOW there's a reason for it.

Good luck to you, I'll be thinking of you this Friday.


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