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My Dad's got Stage 4 NSCLC, with brain metastases to the Brain

Cody foote

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Hi all, dad has had his Gamma knife surgery today. It went really well, dad was really strong today. He should be proud of himself, as you all may know the treatment isnt a walk in the park. Unfortunately that from the last MRI scan Dad's tumors had doubled in size, the doctor who dealt with him today, said that it's completely normal. So hopefully the little devils have been fried and there gone! He had a 2 hour session! Fingers crossed 🤞 that dad can get back on his feet with a hopeful full recovery. Thank you for all your support during dad's journey. It really has been a big help, all of your success stories and positive messages have gone a long way. We hope that one day we can do what you have done for us and help others fight this dreadful disease thank-you.

many thanks Cody x 

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