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Guest Lainy


My father is using 714X. He was diagnosed in Jan 2003 with Stage IIIB NSCLC. He has a malignant effusion and collapsed lung. He lost 35 pounds during his initial hospital stay and had a chest tube in place for 7 weeks. The doctors later apologized for the mistake in leaving it in his side for so long. This mistake, along with MANY, MANY others lessened our faith in our doctors and we began to research other alternatives for treatment. Dad had decided he would take chemo, however, when he went to take the initial treatment he was too weak and was told he could come back when he was stronger. That was a terrible day and I was sure that my Dad would not live to meet the poor prognosis his doctors had given him, which was 3 months. Dad decided he would never take chemo, that he was better off, quality of life wise, to build up his immune system so he could live his remaining days not suffering from the effects of the chemo.

We started 714X along with other alternative 'things' and my father recently walked 2 blocks and drove his car over to get an oil change! I can tell you that his appetite has improved, his energy level is still VERY low but we are hoping it improves too. Overall, I believe it has helped him. He looks SO much better than before he was taking the injection...I pray it continues to improve his condition.

Please ask more questions....I am not sure what it is you want to know.

The website for the company that makes 714X is www.cerbe.com

They are lovely people to talk to and very very helpful

Let me know if I can be of more help.


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Guest sister sister

My sistr was just told she has 4th stage lung cancer and that they cannot operate it has spread to both lungs lymph nodes neck and coladerl they gave her a 5% chance to live maybe 3 years she is 40 years old with twin girls and never felt sick whent in for a tooth ache and in 1 day found her life was gone i have done some research on 714X and also spoke with the dr in Canada also spoke with 1 person who used 714X and had very good results she just started chem Thursday and already has gotten very sick also 3 other noded were found i guess i need to here good stories so i cn help her i dont know what to do help

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Guest AVAK125@aol.com

Dear Leeann,

Thank you for answering my request. How is your father doing now? I was diagnosed 3/01 with nsclc stage 3B with no chance for surgery. I have been on 3 different chemos and Iressa. Presently I'm on Navelbine which has kept me fairly stable for now. However, the cancer has spread to the liver. I read a lot about 714x. I sent away for the video tape. It sounds very promising, however, I would like to talk to someone who has actually had success with it. My doctor was very negative about it when I approached the topic. I torn as to whether or not to give it a try. Any info you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless your dad.


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Guest Leeanne

Hello Linda.

My father decided, as you know, not to take chemo and went with alternative sources, the main one being 714x. I will tell you what has happened but I do not want you to become fearful of 714X after you read this. My father died instantly on May 28th of an embolism. There was no way to prevent this from happening and even if there had been we would not have known because we were not under the care of an oncologist/ medical team due to Dads decision not to take chemo. This happened at a time in his illness when he felt the best he had since before his diagnosis. I truly believe that the 714X helped him. Dad was IIIB/IV with a collapsed lung and large malignant effusion, alot of things were working against him, however, he went from not being able to walk up 3 stairs to cutting the grass 3 weeks before he died. This, in hindsight WAS NOT a good idea because the fertilizer set him back a few days. Please stay away from any chemicals you can avoid. BUT, He was able and had the desire to take care of his yard which is what he loved to do most.

I can't prove to you, medically, that the 714X was effective, but I can assure you that I noticed an improvement in my father when others said he was destined to go directly downhill after his diagnosis. Originally, the doctors gave him 2-3 months when he was lying in a hospital bed with a chest tube and unable to eat. He went from there to being able to go for short walks (one or two small blocks), regaining some of his appetite, and being able to be outside in his yard. I believe he would have continued to improve had God not needed him so suddenly 2 weeks ago.

I am not surprised in the least that your Dr was not supportive in your curiosity about 714X...it took a number of tries until I found someone who was willing to get it for my Dad, but there are Dr.s who will do so. The one thing you have to consider is that there are certain types of chemotherapy that you cannot take at the same time as 714X. If the one you are on now is one of those then you will have to take some time in order to make such a huge decision. I think, on the cerbe website there is an email address for the creator of 714x himself...if so it may be helpful to email him with your questions.

714X is not a cure for cancer, it is to support your immune system by maintaing your lymphatic system. The only side effects my father had were positive, and I am proud of him for getting up each morning, even when he felt bad. to take his injection. I also believe that this helped him mentally as he became responsible for fighting his disease.

I am sorry I have rambled. Please ask me more questions if you want more specific answers. We also had a very positive experience with an osteopath/naturopath in Montreal before Dad died. If you are interested in knowing more about him you can email me at staticnomad@hotmail.com

God Bless you in your search and may he keep you strong during your journey back to health


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