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Interview Request for YouTube Channel

Chaundra McGill

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My name is Chaundra McGill, host of a new YouTube channel named "My So-Called Disabled Life."

The reason I am contacting the group is because August 1, 2022 is World Lung Cancer Day, and I would love to interview a lung cancer patient about this topic. The interview will be conducted over a video recorded zoom call. The show is due to air on August 1, 2022.

If you are interested in telling your healing journey, please contact me at 313-585-1826 or at MySoCalledDisabledLife@gmail.com.


My So-Called Disabled Life is an innovative YouTube channel based on my life and experiences as a disabled woman.

The show inspires others to overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances, while highlighting disabilities, and showing the daily lives of someone who is disabled. The common thread among all of our shows is personal growth and self-help among the disabled, and how we can apply strategies to become better human beings despite our disabilities.

Here is a video about my journey through illness and disabilities:



A handful of amazing folks put it best in their own words:

“Amazing! Your story is so powerful and you captured it so well in the video. You will truly be an inspiration to those who see no hope in their situation.”

“I was brought to tears. Inspiration doesn't even capture it. Humbled. Grateful. Amazed. Thank you for publishing your story and turning it into a light for so many others.”


Chaundra McGill
Host and Producer

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