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TBone's Clan in Relay Event


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As you'll see below, the TBone Clan is participating in an upcoming Relay for Life event. I know you've all done your part to support cancer research, etc., but if you'd like to contribute, we'd certainly be appreciative. This is the notice I'm sending out to everyone I know:


Hello Friends,

Didn't mean bring up a bad subject, but I just wanted to get your attention with that heading. I can't think of a single family I know who has NOT been affected by the horrible monster we call cancer. Or, as I've heard it referred to so many times lately, the "C" word.

Most of you are probably aware that my family has been hit with it yet again . . . my 49-year-old brother, Terry Hall, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer over the Christmas holidays. Terry's beautiful children, and my nephews and niece, Dozier - 15, Elliott - 13, and Anna - 9, just shouldn't have to deal with their father having a terminal illness. I dealt with my own father's death of this horrendous disease when I was nine years old, and it simply breaks my heart that so many people are faced with this untenable situation.

To that end, I've pledged to do my part to eradicate - yes, ERADICATE, as in get rid of, you're outta here, good riddance, don't let the screen door hit you on the rear on your way out! - the cancer monster. But since I'm not a scientist, the best I can do is to try to raise money to fund the research that needs to be done. My family has organized a team for our hometown's American Cancer Society Relay for Life event on May 15, 2004. Our team's name is "I Scream for a Cure" cause we'll be making and selling homemade ice cream (can you say "sticky"?!) on the courthouse square of Buena Vista in Marion County, GA. In addition to the money we raise beforehand, all the proceeds from ice cream sales will also go to the American Cancer Society.

You may also purchase luminaries in honor of cancer survivors or in memory of people who have lost their battle with cancer. Luminaries are $5 each and will have the name of your loved one printed on them and will be placed around the courthouse square just outside the walking area. If you purchase such a memorial or honorarium, I promise to make a lap specifically for you and that person. (And as long as I'm walking, I won't be dipping that sticky ice cream!)

I appreciate your considering making a contribution to the Marion County Relay for Life event, especially given how often we all are asked to fund various worthy causes. Should you decide to contribute, please send me your check, made out to the American Cancer Society, as soon as possible. If you would like to purchase luminaries, please include a list of the names of the individuals to be remembered and/or honored.

John, Abby, Livi, and the rest of my family thank you so very much. And please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Warmest regards,

Katha Hall Stuart

515 Laurian View Court

Roswell, GA 30075

(770) 552-6888 (home)

(404) 660-9659 (cell)


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