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Randy's number one fan....her story.

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I came to this web site on the advice of a nurse who was taking care of my husband and best friend, Randy. Her name is Donna G. Thank you Donna from the bottom of my heart. You will always be one of the special people I will remember for all you gave to Randy and I.

What a blessing this place has been for me.

Here is our story.

Randy first started to not feel well in Jan of 03. He had shoulder pain, a cough that would not quit, and fatigue. We went to the doctor back then and he said the pain in the shoulder was from either his coughing so much or from a pulled muscle. The doctor told him if it didn't get better to come back and see him in a month. We did that and still Randy was not any better. Believing the doctor knew his business, we trusted him and followed his advice. Get some rest, take it easy on the shoulder and take some cough medicine to get the cough to ease up. The doctor never did do an x-ray at that time or any other follow up tests, even though he knew Randy was a smoker. We were into the doctors office once a month until May 9. Randy was really feeling sick and his lymph nodes in his neck and underarm were so swollen. The doctor finally did a chest x-ray and said you have broncitis. Randy was put on anitbiotic and send home one more time. About 10 days later, he got a hugh lump in the upper part of his arm. Again we went to the doctor. He told him because he had psorasis, that it was probably an infection and gave him antibiotics again. Checked him in a week and the swelling was worse and his wbc count was up to 25000. The doctor finally sent him to an internist for an exam. That doctor looked at the lump in the arm and said, oh that is a blood clot. Okay, so now what do we do. Oh you take cumidin or lovenox and it will go away. We did that. That blood clot cleared up only to have one in the ankle show up two days later. Off to the emergancy room this time. They said, oh yea, you have another blood clot. Keep taking the meds and see your family doctor in 3 days. So here it is, June 12 and we were into the doctors office every three days for tests. They never did do any tests to figure out why Randy was throwing blood clots. By now he had had 10 of them that we knew about.

On July 2nd of 03, Randy had a stroke. That got us back to the hospital again. This time though, he had pneomonia. This brought about further tests. Only this time we had a doctor that seemed to know what he was doing. Not ignoring the symptoms Randy had and his history over the last 6 months, he felt Randy needed to have a complete work up to find out what was truely going on. So CT's, MRI's, blood work, and more tests were done.

On July 4th of last year the doctor told us it was cancer but they were not sure just what kind or where it started. This lead to many more tests. Finally, after having two liver biopsies, it was determined he had nsclc on July 12th that it was adno cancer. On July 13th, he had his first round of chemo. Carbo and taxol. After 11 days in the hospital, Randy came home only to be readmitted 5 days later because he was now throwing massive blood clots in his legs. The put a filter in and after 5 days, he came home again.

On August first of last year, Randy had a doctors appointment for his second round of chemo. When we went to that appointment they did the blood work and found his wbc at 47500. Randy had a massive infection in the groin. He had emergancy surgery on the 2nd of August and they felt they got most of the infection out and put him on antibiotics again. He did well for two or three days but then on Tuesday, he said Shirl, my body feels so tired. I was so scared for him. I just wanted for him to have a couple of more good days. We knew that the cancer would eventually get him because it had progressed so far before they found it. It had gotten into his liver and kidneys by this time. We were always hopeful thought that he would be one of the lucky ones to make it through. That Tuesday night he had some chest pains and was treated for that. On Wednesday August 6, I went to the hospital to be with him. He was still so tired and had no energy at all. All the kids had come over to see their dad either Tues or Wed, so he had some good time with his kids and grandson. On Wednesday night though, Randy started to have terrible pain in his chest. The doctor on call in the hospital checked him and told him it was probably an anxiety attack and to just rest. About 9pm that night though, I knew he was having a massive heart attack. The pain was all over his chest, down his arms and in his jaw. As I was standing there holding his hand and telling him it would be okay to relax, he looked up at me in surprise and he was gone.

We had always hoped that we would have had more time, that maybe God would give us a miracle. We never lost hope that Randy would make it. It wasn't to be.

That is how I came to be on this web site. It has been my life saver through all of it. I know I would not be where I am today without the people here, who have so much compassion and understanding. You have all been my angels here on earth while Randy is now my angel in heaven. I miss him still and always will be his Number One Fan.

One thing I have learned on this web site, is to never lose hope until there is not another breath to take. Miracles happen. You may be the next miracle. I have seen it happen to others, it could be you next. Never lose sight that God has His plans for each of us and when He decides He needs you, He takes you into His arms and gives you comfort. Keep the faith always. Somethings are out of our control, but I know I have faith that God did what was best for Randy and for me.

My mission now is to carry on and keep Randy's memories alive for our grandson who misses his PaPa so much. I want so much for our grandson to know that his PaPa thought the world of him and had so many hopes and dreams for him. Randy loved him so.

The other part of my mission is to be here for others that are also walking this same path I am on. We are not alone in this battle.

Much love to each of you here. May you find God's comfort and strenght each day in your life.

That is my story and I am sticking to it.



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