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The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) - the professional organization most of your oncologists probably belong to - holds its annual conference this week in Chicago. You may notice daily articles in your local newspapers regarding new cancer treatments or test results. There is already some encouraging information on novel treatments - one on bevacizumab that my sister's oncologist told us we should watch for & he's confident he's going to be able to get it for her very soon. You can access the breaking news early by reading it on the ASCO's daily online newspaper:


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No wonder. I read one such article this weekend. It turns out that our local hospital(yes, the crappy one) is one of like 3 in the entire area to have one of those new PET/CT scanners. It ALSO turns out that this is the machine that gave my mom her clean scans a few months ago! I was reading in the article about how precise it is at locating tumors given the combined technology, and how surgeons can pinpoint exactly where the trouble spots are. My mom had to go out to a trailer-like vehicle that houses the machine.

So I guess that's one good thing they've got going for them.

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