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Brakes R-rated

Mr Ry

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An Amish woman was driving her buggy to town when a

>highway patrol officer stopped her. "I'm not going to

>cite you," said the officer. "I just wanted to warn

>you that the reflector on the back of your buggy is

>broken and it could be dangerous."


>"I thank thee," replied the Amish lady. "I shall have

>my husband repair it as soon as I return home."


>"Also," said the officer, " noticed one of your reins

>to your horse is wrapped around his testicles. Some

>people might consider this cruelty to animals so you

>should have your husband check that too."


>"Again I thank thee. I shall have my husband check

>both when I get home."


>True to her word when the Amish lady got home she

>told her husband about the broken reflector, and he

>said he would put a new one on immediately. "Also,"

>said the Amish woman, "the policeman said there was

>something wrong with the emergency brake."

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