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Mets brain and spine ? for anyone dealing with that.


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My mom had a bad relapse.

There was nothing to be found on May 6, she went to the ER this past weekend with a paralyzed leg.

They found out it is back in her brain, 20 hotspots... are those tumors?

Now she has tumors on her spine. T8-9 and T11-12.

She had her fill of radiation to the brain last time, so this time they can only do lower doses.

I feel like I'm back to the beginning in all of this.

What does this mean?

Is or has anyone here dealt with Mets to the spine?

I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks to anyone who responds.

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I have mets to my spine, but apparently not as severe. I was experiencing pain in my upper spine and/or neck, but since I have been on Celebrex I am no longer so bothered. The situation has not incapcitated me and my attitude is the less that has to be done about it, the better. I do get Zometa infusion on a monthly basis...which is for bone mets.

Prayers that this can be sufficiently resolved,


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