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Radiation - Effects afterwards


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Hi - my dad was doing real well - came through chemo (3 drug trial) and radiation (30 rounds) pretty well - limited side effects. BUT NOW ... I've heard that the side effects after could be tragic and I'm getting pretty concerned.

Now he has dry coughing fits that go on for him that seems like hours (but I don't think its really hours). He sounds like he is straining to talk, almost like he has a sore throat. He is not too exhausted yet, but I have a feeling that is coming. Are these all normal after effects? what else should I be looking for? I have seen people post about radiation pneumonis (sp?), but I'm not sure what that is. Can anyone advise?

I'm also nervous thtat I don't know whats next. As I see it now, there is no plan until we get the results of the next catscan scheduled for 2 weeks from now. His general onc has moved somewhere else and a new dr is scheduled to start in July. He is seeing his radiation onc. They are not considering surgery to be possible (because they say they treated him aggressively w/ chemo/radiation, don't know if the surgery really is possible, think that the effects from chemo/radiation could potentially cause surgical problems, etc).

Thanks in advance for your help.


Dad, 62, NSCLC Adenocarcinoma, Chemo and then radiation. Waiting to see results of next cat scan

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


I had chemo/rad at same time. I was coughing, bringing up junk all the freaking time, sore throat, pain in front muscles of my chest. I had been used to using free weights (12 to 15 pound dumbbells) and at that time, 2 pounds would cause severe fatigue and pain in my front muscles.

But I feel a heck of a lot better now though I'm still not back to the 12/15 lb. dumbbells.

The effects of radiation are often temporary.

I hope this helps some. It's a hard time emotionally and physically when you're first diagnosed and begin treatment.

Take care,


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Having chemo and radiation together will tend to tire one out, and the radiation keeps working after the treatment. Also, it is easy to become dehydrated, so watch out for that -- be sure he is drinking plenty of liquids. If the radiation was near the throat, this will often cause hoarseness and loss of voice. It usually goes away with time. Don

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