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A Light From A Distant Shore - Memories of My Niece

Guest bean_si (Not Active)

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I'm not sure where to post this. It's about remembering my young niece who died several years ago. Yesterday when Berisa wrote of the singer, Hayley Westenra, I listened to that album - angelic voice. Her voice reminded me of Hollie Smith and an eerie, haunting song she sings: Light from a Distant Shore

When I hear that song, I think of my niece. In my mind, I can see her waiting for me with her arms outstretched on the distant shore of a very heavenly place.

The words are beautiful but you need to hear Hollie Smith sing it. Your heart will be touched.

Light From a Distant Shore, Hollie Smith

"Looking out

through the open door

Visions flood

of a long lost cause

The seas unfold their

forgotten shores...to me

See the light

from a distant shore.

Journey forth to a far off land.

I hear the call yet not understand

The light I see in the glistening sand...for me

See the light

from a distant shore.

There's a place I go to

when I need some shelter from the storm.

Where none will find me

yet tomorrow I'll return

my soul reborn

So I watch, as the days go by

I see my ship with the sails pulled high

One last time I will journey to forgotten shores

Where souls renew

See the light

from a distant shore."

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Posting this cuz some people have asked me privately.

Yes, this work is metaphorical.

The distant shore is Heaven (or your version of the after life). The light is God.

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