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I'm new and scared

Mike Martinez


Hi all, I hope this is not stupid. I'm going to see a pulmonary doctor Saturday and I'm scared to hear the news. I'm almost positive I have lung cancer. Can someone tell what the first consultation will be like? thank you!


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Nothing is stupid about asking questions when you are scared to death you have lung cancer. I wish I had some helpful information for you, but I've never been to a pulmonologist; I was "unofficially" diagnosed in the ER & went straight to an oncologist. Hopefully, someone who has experience w/ a pulmonary doc will be able to answer your question.

Just wanted to wish you well & hope things turn out better than you expect! Good luck on Saturday.


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My experience matched Ruthie's almost exactly.  Diagnosed in ER and oncologist took over.  But I did see a pulmonologist to assess my lung function to ensure i had enough lung capacity to sustain life after removal of my right lung.

I hope your Saturday consultation provides good news.

Stay the course.


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Thank you so much Tom. I greatly appreciate your kind words and encouragement. This has been going on for a month. I was on a run and felt my body felt weird after a whle, so I stopped and started walking. I went to the ER the next morning because I felt a chest pain. They thought it was my heart so they ran tests. Cat scan from the waist up and chest X ray , blood work. all came negative. The chest  X ray  said " No cardiopulmonary disease". I still feel some pain that's why I'm going to the pulmonologist. 

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Hi, Mike.  I started my journey with the pulmonologist.  I had a nagging cough and, as an asthma patient, already had a pulmonologist.  I had been to the ER, though, and had a CT that showed my mass.  He referred me to a wonderful surgeon who in turn referred me to an even better oncologist following my surgery.  Here's hoping that it is anything but lung cancer.

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