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    David, you are in my prayers God Bless Shirl (UK)
  2. Congratulations! I'm really, really delighted for you Shirl (UK)
  3. Bill, I have not had any chemo yet, but my only symptom was blood stained sputum which continued for about a month before I got it checked out. As I had a lobectomy 7 weeks ago I have not had any bloody sputum. However I did read somewhere on the net when I was first diagnoed that it can sometimes be an early warning sign in lung cancer. I would talk to your doctor and also get a second opinion on it. Also keep trying to find out at much as you can through the internet. There are many sites which may give you the answer you are looking for. Good Luck Shirl
  4. I am truly sorry your brother is suffering so much right now. You are both in my prayers Shirl
  5. Hi Everyone I have been lurking for about a week now and I must say I find all your stories of hope and your amazing courage in the face of the dreaded C very uplifting and encouraging. I am recovering from a lobectomy of the lower left lung which I had 7 weeks ago as I was dx with NSCLC Stage 11B. I haven't been offered any chemo or radiotherapy so am keeping my fingers crossed that it hasn't spread anywhere else. I am having some problems since the op such as loss of voice, pain and discomfort in the trachea since the mediastinoscopy 2 weeks prior to the lobectomy which has left me unable to lie down flat to sleep. Also am finding it hard to breathe in and out deeply - I just want to keep coughing all the time, but I suppose these symptoms will pass in time. I am so glad to have found this site, support groups like this one are few and far between in the UK. Would like to end by saying thanks to all of you for letting me become your friend. Kind thoughts and love across the miles to you all. Shirl (UK)
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