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  1. Thank you for the info. and suggestions. I've had a life of thyroid and adrenal issues so will keep my eye on that. Had most of my thyroid removed years ago and spent several years on steroids for adrenal insufficiency. It's been one week. No notable changes. In fact, new pain in a different rib. Next infusion is in 2 weeks. Thank you both for your support.
  2. So the doc says it wasn't the Keytruda that was harsh....it was the bone hardener.....forget what that is called. Good a Claritin and pain has improved.
  3. So harsh. So harsh. Benadryl helps a little. He said 90 of people have no side effects. So harsh. Thank you for the well wishes.
  4. My oncologist started me on Keytruda today. This is the "Jimmy Carter" drug. I'll post as things go along.
  5. So I just get a call from a company in Kentucky wanting my birthdate because he is sending this drug to my oncologist. What is going on?
  6. Ooooo.....it sounds like you have neuropathy from the taxol. I'm so sorry. I've got just a bit of that but my new diagnosis stopped the taxol before it got too bad. Yes, carbo platain and taxol were a beast for me, then I became allergic to the carbo. Interesting experience. Staying the course. You too. Thanks for being here.
  7. Anyone ever heard of this? They said it's rare. Looks like a shotgun went off in my lung. And it creates its own bone as it dies.
  8. I didn't qualify for opdivo. Wrong genes in my tumors. Now we are waiting to see if I can get into another trial as many drug companies are jumping on this bandwagon.
  9. Oh....and is it true for you that the more you do the more you hurt?
  10. Thank you for responding. 12 years? Is it in your bones? Are you exhausted and can't function?
  11. Good morning. Ok. Here goes. 5 years ago, pleural effusion in the right lung. Ca125 levels were up but I felt fine. 2 years later masses and nodules in pleural sack creating calcifications. Diagnosed with probable stage 4 ovarian cancer.....papillary adenocarcinoma. Chemo for that did nothing. During 2nd round of chemo, we moved and I got a new oncologist who disagreed with diagnosis and called it mesothelioma. Suspended chemo for a year. Tried a chemo to help me qualify for a clinical trial. I was refused because I was asymptomatic at the time. No known exposure to asbestos so no mon
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