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  1. Hi Tom. Thank you for the response. Tagrisso has worked well for her so far. Although there is still evidence of NSCLC in her lymph nodes, they have reduced "dramatically" in size according to her latest scans and currently there is no evidence of metastasis elsewhere. This December will be a year for her on Tagrisso. I pray it keeps working for a long time, or until something better is developed. The doctors are not sure if her stroke was a result of all her cancer treatments (past and present) combined or unrelated and due to her old age? I had not heard of this being a side-effect of cancer treatments, but have read that it is somewhat common. They will do a scan tomorrow to ensure it was not due to undetected metastasis.
  2. Hello all. This morning my mother (68) was rushed to the hospital with a blood clot in her brain, which doctors believe was likely a stroke. She has been taking Tagrisso for just under a year (moderately well tolerated except for occasional diarrhea) and also receives monthly transfusions for neuropathy in her left leg. They believe the neuropathy developed in her left leg as a result of chemo (pemetrexed) and radiation treatment she received when she was initially diagnosed with Stage 3 NSCLC after tumor surgery. She is now stage 4 NSCLC with metastasis to several lymph nodes. Has anyone encountered a similar experience? Anything that can be shared would be helpful. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone. Small update - My mother was accepted into an EGFR clinical trial. She starts on Tagrisso this Monday. Here's to hoping it works for a long time.. Have a good weekend.
  4. https://www.targetedonc.com/news/fda-clears-ind-for-bbt176-in-patients-with-egfrmutant-nsclc
  5. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bridge-biotherapeutics-announces-fda-ind-024400949.html
  6. Good afternoon everyone. I came across this article this morning and found it interesting since it mentions its potential efficacy against NSCLC. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/progress-report-cancer-breakthroughs-2020-130000224.html Have a good day.
  7. Hi Steff. Thank you for sharing your story. Just as I finally felt life was getting back to “normal,” I get some of the worst news of my life...again. Obviously you and many others here can relate. I’ve heard mostly positive things about Tagrisso, so I’m hoping for the best. On Toms suggestion from an older post, I often google search lung cancer treatments under “news” and there are several things in the works, or so it seems. I understand she will never be cured, but I hope that another breakthrough option will be available soon and help it from progressing for many more years. God bless.
  8. Hi Charmaigne. Welcome. So sorry to hear about your situation and for your loss. My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3A in October of 2016. She is now stage 4 and will be starting Tagrisso in the near future. This site has been a valuable resource for me. I hope it will be for you too.
  9. Thank you for the encouraging words Michelle. I really appreciate the "diagnosis is not prognosis" line. I'm hoping that her cancer can be managed like a chronic disease as that's all I tend to hear and read about lately regarding lung cancer. I hope everything is well on your end.
  10. Thank you both for the kind responses. Hearing she is now stage 4 has proven to be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Her oncologist at dana farber mentioned that she should get at least three years PFS on tagrisso (average), but I’m hoping for more like you mentioned Michelle. I’m trying to be positive. I’m not sure if this is the right forum section, but can anyone offer feedback on what the treatment options would be when she ultimately develop a resistance to Tagrisso? Would opdivo then become an option? The doc says he is reserving chemo and radiation. thank you.
  11. Thank you for your response.
  12. Hey everyone... Unfortunately, the biopsy results confirmed the lymph nodes that illuminated on her PET scan are lung cancer again.... I'm feeling very overwhelmed and somewhat lost for words, but I am trying to be as grateful as possible the MRI results came back negative and that my mom has the EGFR mutation. The oncologist wants her to start on Tagrisso as soon as possible. Some bullsh** with insurance but we are trying to figure it out now..
  13. Thank you for the response Tom. I’ll post an update after tomorrows meeting. Be well.
  14. Thank you for the quick response and encouraging words. I wish you the best results on your next scan. God speed.
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