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  1. Yeah, one thing that helps me is to remember that radiologists' jobs are mainly to identify and "flag" any abnormalities. They are NOT cancer experts. They can say stuff like "X change in the scan indicates probable metastasis" but they are going on statistical probabilities. Your oncologist knows your history, your treatment, and all the other factors that go into figuring out what's actually happening with you and your cancer. Hoping you get some good news soon!
  2. LexieCat

    It's official

    Ugh, hope he has a speedy and uneventful recovery--and that he keeps it to himself! Um, and probably best not to ask "what next"--because the universe keeps answering. That old curse, "May you live in interesting times," is pretty powerful.
  3. Wow is right! Keep us posted. Rest well and know we are all rooting for you.
  4. I second what everyone else has said, but will add my own experience with chemo. I'm Stage IV adenocarcinoma--I had surgery for a very early stage lung cancer 3 years ago and received the latest diagnosis this summer. I needed no chemo before, but now I'm getting chemo combined with an immunotherapy drug (Keytruda) which is working wonderfully for a lot of us advanced-stage patients. I've had four cycles that include two chemo drugs, and so far am responding great. Assuming my next scan is good, they will omit the most toxic chemo drug and keep me on the other and the immunotherapy as long as
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