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    More Surgery/Post-Surgery Related Questions...Thanks!

    Hi, Colleen, I am normally a pretty sanguine/laid-back person, but I remember being very SHORT on patience the week or so before my surgery. Just roll with it and let yourself be a little freaked out--it's scary stuff. Just try not to get too carried away with it. My bet is that as soon as you get through the surgery you'll feel much calmer and better. My nodes were just taken as part of the surgery--I don't think they were examined until afterward. Mine were all non-cancerous. The nursing staff can help you figure out when/how to take care of the hygiene. If you have to be a little "funky" for a few days, it really isn't a disaster. You should be able to bathe with a washcloth and Bridget's idea about dry shampoo is a good one. But it shouldn't be more than a few days at most before you can shower. I had a home health aide come and give me a hand changing the dressings so I could shower. You just want to avoid getting the incision wet. The nurse navigator at the hospital made arrangements for the home health aide through my insurance. I had just a couple of visits. Dealing with the unknown sucks. BUT keep reminding yourself that your cancer (assuming that's what it is) was caught very early, and you are in about as good a position as you can be in. Do let the surgeon know your concerns about your arm position and circulation. I had the inflatable things around my legs to maintain circulation till I could get up and around. Unless there is a complication you won't be immobile for long. Walking around is very good for you, and with VATS, you should have very little pain after the first couple of days. I think I used the prescription (narcotic) pain meds the first day after I got home, and from there it was just ibuprofen. Shelkay had to give herself injections with blood thinners, but that's not a normal procedure. Chances are you won't be dealing with that. Do your best to stay busy--stuff like dealing with the banking changes can help take your mind off some of the other stuff. I had a whole bunch of little projects like that to keep me occupied so I didn't just sit around worrying. You (and your son) will be just FINE. I'd bet money on it.
  2. LexieCat

    ROS1, anyone?

    I checked over at the Inspire forums, and there are a ton of posts about ROS1. Take a look here: https://www.inspire.com/search/?group_id=200101&sec=all&query=ROS1&dd_query=
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    Spiculated nodule

    A large incision like that can involve damage to the nerves, as well as to the skin, muscle, and ribcage. I've cracked a rib, and was in pretty bad pain for a couple of weeks, and had lingering pain for much longer. And that was just a cracked rib, not getting cut up the way you were. You might want to discuss it with your surgeon, who can tell you what to expect based on how s/he performed the surgery. I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy.
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    Just diagnosed with lung cancer

    I think you've made a good decision. Keep us posted!