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  1. Robert Macaulay

    Radiation again?!

    Kleo Now the same tumor that is a intresting question.The radiation doc here got all my records from the previous radiation on my neck and he checked them prior to treatment on my chest. This might help Questions that must be asked by the radiation oncologist planning the therapy include: "Is the same area of the body being irradiated as was irradiated before?" "How much radiation was given to that site before and how much radiation is needed to kill this second particular cancer?" The physician will want to get records of the previous radiation, and the decision to radiate a second time frequently requires computer simulation (radiation planning). Bob
  2. Robert Macaulay


    Kleo If you get that treatment you will not be short of something to listen to. lol I thought the same thing about radiation for the second time as i had it previous in 2002 and they told me prior to mine this year as long as it is not in the same spot. What will be will be Bob
  3. Robert Macaulay


    Opal Regarding the antibiotics these results are random tests nothing more if doctor gives you antibiotics there is very good reason. What comes first the horse or the cart. .Lol Antibiotics over the course of your treatment might be a concern for a individual, That is why doctors get the big bucks and never fell asleep at classes like me. That song is as good as any works real well for me.😎
  4. Robert Macaulay


    Kleo I think i will pass on the antibiotics, https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/jun/02/cancer-antibiotics-immunotherapy-treatment-study Bob
  5. Robert Macaulay


    Just found out the new drug I will be receiving shortly and wonder if anyone is presently on this type of treatment.