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  1. Robert Macaulay

    Husband NSCLC 3a Wife looking for support and Info

    If your husbands blood work is good and the doctors give the go ahead I would take the two full doses. They asked me prior two the second dose if I wanted to continue and I am glad I said yes. Bob
  2. Robert Macaulay

    Husband NSCLC 3a Wife looking for support and Info

    Just finished very similar treatment this year and now on Durvalumab started late August on now on #5 infusions next week. The two full strength chemo were challenge for me with the side effects but do not last and my hair is now growing back. lol. You can read about this drug and posts on myself and one other on this site getting this drug. There is very good article on this drug and well worth the read on the Durvalumab posts. Welcome # 3 Durvalumab member Bob
  3. Robert Macaulay


    This is very intresting recent article on this drug. https://www.astrazeneca.com/media-centre/press-releases/2018/imfinzi-receives-positive-eu-chmp-opinion-for-locally-advanced-unresectable-non-small-cell-lung-cancer-27072018.html
  4. Robert Macaulay


    Just found out the new drug I will be receiving shortly and wonder if anyone is presently on this type of treatment.