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  1. Robert Macaulay

    CT scan w barium tomorrow

    Do not get banana flavor. lol
  2. Robert Macaulay

    CT scan w barium tomorrow

    If my memory is correct the bottom half is not as bad as the top half.
  3. Robert Macaulay

    CT scan w barium tomorrow

    When I had it years ago I just imagined it was a pint of Guinness and it went down so easy. Bob
  4. Robert Macaulay


    Kleo The last two full doses of chemo were not very pleasant glad it was only two lost all my hair and two days with very bad fatigue and weight loss in the past now. With this new drug I still cannot pick the winning lotto numbers, maybe with more infusions it might help.. Bob
  5. Robert Macaulay


    Just found out the new drug I will be receiving shortly and wonder if anyone is presently on this type of treatment.