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  1. JC63 It's PT 112, platin pyrophosphate. It is less toxic than cisplatin or carboplatin and is in clinical trials. The trial is https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03409458?term=Pt112&cond
  2. Yes Some types of chemotherapy can damage your inner ear. These include platinum-based drugs such as cisplatin (Platinol) and carboplatin (Paraplatin), Had it last week but not with the single dose of Gemcitabine. Expect it to return next week on cycle #2 on carboplatin and Gemcitabine. Bob
  3. MarieE If the water and couple tylenol for couple hours do not help, and temp starts up to 100F OR 38C time to see a doc.
  4. MarieE The key in this situation is to stay hydrated and as long as he can get water down the rest will follow. Bob
  5. Hi Everyone Just quick update met with both docs yesterday and this afternoon and from my CT last week radiation is off the table as he said it would do more damage than it would do good as i have had two previous doses.There is still progression from the last scan in August to the one last week.So the new treatment starting later this month will Carboplatin and Gemcitabine on separate daysevery three week for four cycles, Then as usual the Ct scan.Glad to be back (OUCH) In the treatment cycle although she did give me some strong warnings on the Gemcitabine side effects as blood transfusion is possible if Anemia gets bad. Treatment #3 here i come😎 Bob
  6. How about this one Is Chemotherapy included in the treatment plan with SBRT.? Bob
  7. Kleo Could it be one location of the tumor from different angles.?
  8. Ron Thanks for the info this might be similar in my situation also, as it looks like SBRT is on the cards for me at this time in November.?
  9. Kleo I seem to be fortunate so far it cannot find my brain.😎 Have CT scheduled for first week in November and then the following week meet with Dr Zapper for his schedule and the next day with the Onc for the cocktail schedule, Will be intrested to hear what it entails give me something to do till the end of the year. lol Take care Bob
  10. Intresting update on Durvalumab this week https://www.astro.org/News-and-Publications/News-and-Media-Center/News-Releases/2019/PACIFIC-survival-rates-explained-Lung-cancer-sprea
  11. Edward This link may help https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/pet-scan/about/pac-20385078
  12. Edward After the biopsy if cancer is present and if it is they will send you for a pet scan to get the big picture of your whole body and then stage your cancer and depending on all the results make a plan going forward. As for interpreting ct scans i leave that up to the experts never did that class at school to busy handicapping horses.Any questions just fire away there is always someone here who can help. Bob
  13. Edward Your meeting next week with the Pulmonologist who will make a appointment for you to have a biopsy to take a sample for testing from your lung to find out if cancer is present and also test your lung functions if you maybe a candidate for surgery depending on the results if cancer is found, Or refer you to a oncologist for A treatment plan.I assume something showed in a ct scan that got you this far.. Hope this helps many have been there done that on this forum. Bob
  14. Tom She mentioned radiation option in that area again and she will discuss that option with the team next week, If i get anymore radiation i might be candidate for Los Alomos New Mexico. I am fine with what ever plan they come up with and that the cancer has never spread thanks to Durvalumab and feel in very good health as the side effects are in decline from that drug. .Seven hours straight sleep last night. Bob
  15. Tomm I have no idea what my PDL-1 expression is, Have heard it mentioned numerous times over last year but never bothered as such.
  16. Opal My thoughts are the Durvalumab done one excellent job of stopping any progression and they have caught this possible recurrence at the original site early so i have no concerns there and from what i read there are lots of treatment options for recurrence at the original site.Thinking her plan is to let this settle take another CT then needle Biopsy followed by pet scan and then hopefully targeted therapy depending on the results, Those decisions are up to the doc and as long as the are giving me treatment i am happy. The break is just fine by me. Bob
  17. Well i just returned from my meeting with the Onc this morning and the news is there seems to be a possible reccurence at the original tumor site since the last scan in April this year.She is going to discuss this next week with the team and most likely a pet scan to and do further checks and she will put me in touch with a Pulmonologist. Sound familiar. All the other pictures taken except that one area were fine on the ct scan.I was well aware of the odds with taking Durvalumab and onward we go with plan C in the near future. Que Sera Sera Bob
  18. Tom Is that valid at Wallmart for discount. lol I would like to take this opportunity to thank Imfinzi for supplying me the drug and clinic at no charge. I never thought this thread would become so popular this last year thanks to the people on this forum who contributed and all those that viewed over this time. Special thanks to Kleo who was a great support in the beginning of this journey and alas had to stop the drug.I believe it was because she did not receive the Durvalumab goody bag.😎 Thank you Kleo and all the best on your new path. Going forward thanks to everyone and it is my hope we all can benefit from this drug in the coming months and years. Going to take a break now and will update on my future scans ,The word is it could take up to eight weeks for the side effects of the drug to wear off. Bob
  19. Thanks Michelle Just heading out the door for the last one, Twenty six consecutive infusions and now Durvalumab will be a thing of the past. What next.😎 Que Sera Sera Bob
  20. To Cathy Macaulay from Michigan (No Relative) Thank you for the phone call last weekend and you will get the meaning on my favourite Duvalumab tune for the last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v7XSLY_jhc Bob
  21. Pattymac This excellent book will give you a answer to your question and then some. https://www.amazon.ca/Emperor-All-Maladies-Biography-Cancer/dp/1439170916
  22. Joe Do you get your blood work done at Life labs.?
  23. Joe Welcome aboard and your journey on Durvalumab .There should no problems posting on that thread . Just posted a reply there. Bob
  24. BC JOE Welcome aboard on your duvalumab journey nice to have a fellow Canadian from across the straits any questions fire away and it is worth the time to read all the posts on this thread.. Bob
  25. Tom That was another point in posting that a individual was NED after seventeen infusions with Durvalumab and was very pleased sadly she had to discontinue which can happen anytime during the drug as the doctor pointed out to me last September.
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