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  1. After the triplet, I had Keytruda alone and it worked, but after 7 months I developed Colitis and was not longer able to take it anymore.
  2. Hi Iris, I am so sorry to hear of your recurrence. I have an understanding of how you might be feeling. Did they tell you the stage and is there a treatment plan in place? I was diagnosed with 1B in March 2019. I had a lobectomy and all margins were clear so no chemo or radiation after surgery. I had a recurrence April 2020 - diagnosed with Stage IV. It turned out that I had a mutation MET Exon 14 Skipping but it wasn't known until I had already received chemo and Immunotherapy. In March of this year after 3 NED scans, it came back again. I tried the Targeted therapy drug and had an allergic reaction after 10 days. I had a CT scan and it showed that the drug worked, but I can't take it. I feel good, but anxiously awaiting the treatment plan. There are so many advancements in lung cancer treatment. We will be here to support you in any way we can. Deb
  3. Deb W

    5 Years!

    Great news, Susan!
  4. I was taking Tabrecta for 9-10 days. No edema, but on day 11 I had a serious allergic reaction to the drug and ended up in the hospital so I can no longer take it. I did have what my oncologist called an "immediate response" with Tabrecta. I had a CT scan and the tumor shrunk and there was no sign of cancer in the two lymph nodes. My oncologist is working on a new treatment plan that might include Tepotinib (similar properties as Tabrecta though) he is also including an allergist for a consult - I will see him in a week. I am not having treatment presently as he's figuring out a plan - checking with EMD Serrono about Tepotinib. There also might be an option to go back on Keytruda - however, in the past that I was taken off that due to toxicity which caused colitis.
  5. Deb W

    Brain MRI

    Tom - the new oncologist is working out just fine, thanks.
  6. I have not heard of using Tabrecta and immunotherapy combined together. I did have Keytruda with Carbo and Alimta, then Alimta and Keytruda, then Keytruda alone. The Keytruda was stopped at the end of December and now I'm starting Tabrecta - actually today. My oncologist did say that Keytruda might be used again in the future, but he did not offer it with Trabecta.
  7. Deb W

    Thanks, Kristin!

    Thank you.
  8. Deb W

    Brain MRI

    Thanks so much for your well wishes! I did get the results and there are no mets to the brain! I can't even describe the relief I feel today! The Tabrecta should be delivered today. Thanks again everyone. Deb
  9. Deb W


    Yes, be sure to call every day! Update on mine...it turns out the person working on my case went on vacation. Novartis approved the trial sample on March 22. The pharmacist at my medical center was shocked that they would drop the ball like that. I'm told it will be delivered on Friday. Fingers crossed. Lexi, thanks for the link! Deb
  10. Deb W


    I think Pharmacy is the issue. I spoke to my oncologist and Novartis was supposed to have Fed Exed it to my home on Friday per my oncologist. My oncologist was surprised to learn I didn't receive it. He's checking on the status. I am hoping to get an answer today. I do know they approved the 4 week free sample. Not sure what happens after that...the copay is unbelievably expensive.
  11. Deb W


    Hi friends, I have been waiting almost 3 weeks for this drug. Is that common? Deb
  12. Deb W

    Brain MRI

    Hi friends, I'm going for the dreaded brain MRI this afternoon. Asking for good vibes and thoughts my way. 🙏 Deb
  13. Sib, I was told by my oncologist that Tabrecta has an added protective benefit for the brain when compared to Tepotinib.
  14. Welcome. I think it's worth it to be treated. There will be side effects, but we're all different in what we experience and how we tolerate them. I think your father will let you know how he wants to move forward. I am a stage IV lung cancer patient and survivor. I was diagnosed in 4/2020. My last 3 scans have been clear. I'm not going to say it was a walk in the park with side effects, but it was so worth it! All the best to you and your dad. Deb
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