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    I am a Mom to two grown sons and two little Chiweenie "Rescue" Pups who we adopted in 2012. I'm also a Wife, Daughter, Friend, Cancer Survivor and now a very Happy "Nanni" to two precious grand-daughters who came into my life 2 and 3 years after my cancer diagnosis. They are both a "Dream come True" and are the "littlest" LOVES in my life. They are also my greatest HOPE and INSPIRATION in my Cancer Battle. I have Stage IV NSCLC Adeno (KRAS +) with no other mutations. I started my battle on 3/27/15, with a brain tumor and pulmonary embolism and it was all a sudden shock. I never had any symptoms of Lung Cancer, still do not - never had a cough or any pain, only a sudden onset of "vertigo" which was actually from the brain met. I am happy to be STABLE and doing quite well. My treaments have included: Cyberknife (for the brain met), Chemo (Carbo and Alimta), Radiation and Immunotherapy (Opdivo). Currently OFF all Treatment and have been stable since August 2016 -- 3 1/2 years and counting! Just celebrated my 5th Cancerversary in March! Looking forward to attending my first Survivorship Conference next April!

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  1. As another Stage IV patient, I would absolutely want this IF this were my case. As for coverage, does your MOM have a Medicare Part D RX Plan, as that is where this would be covered. IF Not, she may be eligible for assistance with the drug maker, but if she had Part D, it should be at least partially covered. She also can enroll, next October which is the next open enrollment period. But, she may face a penalty for not enrolling when she was first eligible. I would check into it now, just in case there is anyway she may be eligible through another special enrollment period.
  2. I've had two bronchoscopy one in 2015 and one in 2016 and in both cases I was totally out. Both procedures were totally painless and I woke up feeling fine and was discharged an hour later.
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