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  1. Hi Michelle, I would say that I mainly feel okay. There's a fever for about a day, stomach aches and fatigue. But with treatment on Tuesday, I find that I feel better by Thursday. I'm usually back at the gym by Friday...The trial is time intensive and I'm really eager to see what the scan shows. They say that you may not see results at the 6 weeks scan, and they advice you to continue with the protocol through the 12 week scan..so that's exactly what I'll do.. Thanks for your support!! Ro
  2. Hi SandyK, I was diagnosed one month before I turned age 60 and my situation was like your wife's in that I maintained a healthy lifestyle, worked out regularly, have no family history of this, etc. My diagnosis was Stage IV NSCLC Mucionus Adenocarcinoma.(KRAS mutation)- I had my lower left lung lobe removed using VATS in Sept 2017 and then my upper Right lung lobe removed with an open thoracotomy in October 2017. This was followed by chemo. There was a brief period of NED, and then there was evidence of recurrence in the lower right lobe. I have been taking part in a Phase Ib Clinical trial that uses a personal cancer vaccine and an immunotherapy drug (Tecentriq)..there are lots of options available and I agree what others have said, "knowledge is power." Try to education yourselves as much as possible so that you know what questions to ask. I'm happy to answer any questions once you know more of the specifics regarding typed of cancer. One step at a time, and remember you have this entire network of supporters on this forum ready to help and/or make suggestions. Best, Ro
  3. So, today was my sixth week of my clinical trial with the PSV (Personal Cancer Vaccine) + Tecentriq. My six week CT scan is on Thursday. I'll meet with my doc when I go in for my seventh treatment on Tuesday. Can't wait to see what it shows!! Best, Ro
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