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  1. Lisa, Yes, the waiting & worrying & every pain in between is dreadful. But you're doing great. And as I understood when I re-read your opening lines, the nodule did not "light up" on the PET & showed no growth in following April & Aug CTs. That's highly encouraging. If the CT you get in Feb shows any significant change, I think your pulmonologist might want to order another PET to follow up. In my case, my pulmo was following nodule(s) in my lungs for several years, some of which waxed & waned, so decided to hold off doing any biopsies. Unfortunately, we dropped the ball for various reasons & didn't have scans for a 3-year period. Big mistake -- those scans showed significant changes on CT & the follow-up PET showed one nodule in my right lung with quite high SUV of 6.4 -- it was removed in a middle lobectomy: adenocarcinoma stage I. Now we're tracking a couple of remaining nodules -- CT scheduled for March. So for me, too, it's a wait & see situation, but we will be sure to keep checking up faithfully. I think that's all you can do. However, if you experience any pain(s) or other changes that you can't explain, be sure to talk to your pulmonologist asap. Best of Luck!
  2. I'll have CT in March, watching ~3 nodules. This follows right lung middle lobectomy (May 22, 2019) which had an adenocarcinoma, stage 1. Have been doing more or less o.k. not dwelling on upcoming CT March 2020 -- but I think I negative thoughts could start creeping in. Am seeing a therapist at the cancer institute, which helps a great deal. Also trying to stay busy, socializing with family & friends. Husband has prostate cancer -- in remission for the time being -- but we know it can rear it's beastly head any time. . .
  3. Thank you very much, Michelle. I'd been doing much better but had an auto accident yesterday. Something of a set-back but no major injury & no one else hurt. Just down in the dumps. I've put up a new post regarding this dreadful experience & hope you'll be able to see it. With gratitude, Irka
  4. My surgery was DaVinci robotic-assisted lobectomy, not VATs.  I was doing well in past couple of weeks, even back to the gym.  Yesterday, late afternoon I had an automobile accident!  I don't recall the details of how it happened -- I'm told I went through a stop sign!  They think I may have lost consciousness temporarily.  No one else was injured.  I suffered blunt impact to my chest, causing "chest contusions."  It was truly horrendous experience, and I'm going to stop driving.  I'll try to post on the main post page when I get a chance.

    1. BridgetO


      My goodness, how awful! I understand your decision to stop driving. I wish you all the best in your recovery. How are you doing now?

  5. Thank you, Tom. I am grateful to you & the many others here who are thinking & praying for me. I'll post here as soon as I can after it's over. Irka
  6. Tonight & tomorrow night at home -- Wednesday, May 22 at hospital by 10 & surgery at Noon! Thanks for all the support!!! Yes, I must get through it & dance first chance I get!
  7. Thanks, Michelle! So far, I'm hanging in & focusing on practicalities of preparation for the operation & hospital stay. I will definitely keep everyone here posted as soon as I can after my return home. Appreciate your prayers & encouragement. Irka
  8. Would be grateful to know how those of you who have had robotic-assisted lobectomies are doing. I am scheduled for robotic-assisted surgery on my right lung on May 22: Wedgectomy of likely cancerous nodule in mid-lobe, with biopsy, etc. Removal of large nodule in upper lobe & biopsy; second smaller nodule in upper lobe is in difficult location. If surgeon decides a lobectomy of middle lobe is required, will do that. If not, he will do a lobectomy of upper lobe as way of dealing with both the large & smaller nodule since the latter is in a hard place to get to. So bottom line: definite middle lobe wedgectomy; then either middle lobe or upper lobe lobectomy. He said wouldn't remove both lobes since that would put me on constant oxygen. Can't help being scared & truly am dreading the surgery & the aftermath. Irka
  9. Thanks, Debbie. I'm happy for you that you're recovering so spectacularly! In my case, I should add that I'm almost 76 yo with some COPD, so I'm sure I won't be able to undertake anything like tennis. But it would be nice to be able to get to the gym sooner rather than later to rebuild my strength & body. May you continuing with your splendid recovery! Irka
  10. Thanks, Curt, for your heartening response. Yes, I have seen the wedge pillows advertised before & even considered getting one to help acid-reflux. The latter hasn't bothered me too much, so I passed. It's very encouraging to learn of your successful experience with VATs. I'll be having the robotic-assisted version called "RATs." But I don't want to use that acronym as I have a phobic fear of rats! Bottom line for me is that I have to steel myself & go through the step-by-step journey of treatment. I sincerely hope you continue to do well. Irka
  11. Your recommendations & reassurances are most welcome! I'm not sure I know what a wedge pillow is -- one with gradual elevation? or something else? Unfortunately, I'm a confirmed back sleeper, but I don't believe that will be possible if they go through my right chest & back. . . Just can't envision it. But maybe with pain medication I'll be knocked out enough to get some sleep!!! Ha, ha! With gratitude & hugs, Irka
  12. Thanks, Ro, for your reassuring words based on your own experience. That means a great deal. I do trust the doctor. He's also at a highly respected cancer facility & consulted on my case with 11 of his colleagues who agreed with this approach. I do try not to imagine the worst happening, but it's hard. I'm keeping busy & will focus on a step at a time, a day at a time. Hugs, Irka
  13. Hello friends, After reviewing my PET & CT scans taken in April & reviewing with multi-disciplinary cancer team, my thoracic surgeon has scheduled my lung surgery on Wednesday, May 22, at 11:50. Game plan so far. Step 1 - perform a "robotic-assisted wedge resection & lymph node biopsy" of the small nodule in my middle right lung that lit up on the PET at a rather high level (SUV 6.3). Because the needle biopsy in Apr failed, we have to get to this one to biopsy it on the spot. If it is cancer, he'll excise nodule & lymph. Step II - examine two considerably larger nodules in the upper right lobe that had much lower SUV on PET, but must be biopsied & results given on the spot, as well. Step III - if malignant, would try to excise the nodules and/or Step IV - if necessary, remove the upper lobe of my right lung. The only surgery I've had in my nearly 76-year-old life was a tonsillectomy at the age of 9! I am dreading this & am very scared. Not so much of the surgery itself, as the aftermath. Irka
  14. Hi Michelle, Your post is so uplifting! Your suggestions are very important as well. I didn't realize there are so many resources waiting for me. My oncology nurse navigator has already been in touch with me by phone & email. By the time we move in I'll have an appointment lined up, probably with a thoracic surgeon! I absolutely hate packing even for short trips never mind moving after nearly 40 years in the same house. So I must force myself to stop thinking about all I have to do and just do it! Thanks for your warm & heartening response. Irka (aka Irene)
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