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  1. The post diagnostic worry and haze is tough. Try to enjoy life now. Save the worry for scan time. I haven’t figured out how not to worry when those come around.
  2. Hi Jo. I’m sorry to hear about your husbands diagnosis. My father had Stage IV lung cancer and I was recently diagnosed at Stage 1. My dad liked fruit smoothies (we’d hide veggies and protein powder in them) while he was undergoing treatments. Milk shakes also. I hope his symptoms improve and you get some of of those bright days you are hoping for soon.
  3. Banna. I had an upper right lobe lobectomy a few months ago. I am also currently NED. My first two scans are every three months, then six months for a few then a year. At five years they will decide what to do after that. I completely understand the feeling of just waiting for it to come back. I looked into doing follow treatments to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. I was told it wasn’t necessary. I was also told that if you don’t have any recurrence in the first five years the likelihood of recurrence decreases.
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