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    Curious of your opinion

    I was given the option to wait and watch an 8 mm nodule or to take it out. I have a significant family history of lung cancer so the decision was easier for me. I went into the surgery not knowing. Best case is it was benign and they would only remove a small portion. Worst case it was malignant and they remove the whole lobe. I ended up being the latter. Thankfully I’ve required no follow up treatment afterwards.
  2. Is that 8 cm or 8 mm? 8 cm is a large nodule, 8 mm is just on the cusp of whether or not a biopsy is even possible. Have you had a PET scan yet? A biopsy has some potential down sides but it won’t activate a nodule into something else. Here is a good resource on nodules. https://www.thoracic.org/patients/patient-resources/resources/lung-nodules-online.pdf
  3. I was stage 1A and did not have chemo after surgery. My doctors said it would only decrease the likelihood of remission slightly. There is only a 10-15% chance it will come back for me. I still wanted to do it. Any reduction, even a small one, of the likelihood of recurrence seemed like a good idea to me. I felt like I was able to handle it. The doctors felt the side affects of the follow up treatment would be far too detrimental for the small decrease in the likelihood of a recurrence. I went with their recommendation.
  4. Tom I felt much the same. The anxiety set in on my way to the hospital and escalated. They cave me the choice to walk to the operating room or be wheeled in. I opted to walk. It was a long, scary walk. I was really afraid that my life would be completely different after surgery. The surgery hasn’t prevented me from doing anything I did before surgery. It won’t be as bad as bad as you may be imagining. Hang in there. You’ll do great.
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    I was in the same boat Tom. I never liked taking medicine and never got the flu shot. I viewed colds as something you should just fight off. I’ve come to appreciate that I’ve “challenged” my body enough this last year and take the help where I can get it now.
  6. Curt


    I think having any kind of surgery makes you feel vulnerable. I was petrified of getting a chest cold last year when I had my lobectomy. A slightly higher level of concern crossed my mind when I heard of the Coronavirus. My wife and I are going to Hawaii in February. The plane and being there raised some concern for me. I did end up getting a chest cold last year after surgery. That wasn’t fun. This year’s just a head cold. I have three young children, I coach a couple of their teams and my wife teaches first grade...so I’m in a Petri dish. My middle son just got over the flu and my wife and two sons all have a cold and pink eye. I’ve become much more diligent and do all of what Colleen mentioned to avoid getting sick. I think it’s helped, up to this point I’ve avoided what the rest of my family has had. One thing to keep in mind is that the surgery won’t make you more likely to get sick. It just makes the respiratory symptoms a little more difficult. I had some lymph nodes removed. I do believe that makes it harder for my body to kick the colds I’ve gotten. They linger a little longer than before. All that being said I’m glad I got the surgery. If anything my added diligence probably helps me get sick less than before.
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