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  1. Hi Jay. I had an upper right lobe lobectomy at the end of February. I was Stage 1. I didn’t have any prE or post treatments. I asked about a round of chemo to clean up anything they couldn’t see but the doctors wouldn’t do it. If they would have offered it I would have had it done. I see that there was a mass on your lung from three years ago that was not identified. The pneumonia thing sounds like a bit of an excuse. My father had a chest X-ray a little under a year before he was diagnosed. He was diagnosed at Stage IV. When his doctors went back to that XRay they pointed out the tumor that the previous doctors missed. It was considerably smaller. He unfortunately passed away from his disease. His widow won a pretty substantial lawsuit that he started when he was alive and was settled after he passed. I am not a proponent of frivolous malpractice lawsuits but in my fathers case those months between the original XRay and his diagnosis could have been the difference for him. You might at the very least want to let the doctors who read those original scans know what they missed. This disease is often missed or assumed to be something else.
  2. I’m hoping for the best Ken. Hang in there!
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    I had an upper right lobe lobectomy at the end of February. I find that if I try to exert myself too quickly I get short of breath and sometimes dizzy. If I increase my heart rate slowly I don’t get either. I am no doctor but I disagree on the aerobic exercise front. It may not be the cure but it certainly can’t hurt. Meditation may also help with your heart rate. Both may do nothing or they may do something. Either way it’s not a bad way to fill some time each day. Hang in there. I hope things improve soon.
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