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  1. Hello Justin, it’s been a bit since I’ve been in here but was reading through your post. I wanted to let you know that I went through the same diagnosis. Diagnosed on Feb 13, 2018. They found the spot during a X-ray Dec 29, 2017. It does take a while to get things going. Stage 3b and told no chance for surgery. The main tumor was in my left upper lobe and 3 lymph nodes in the center of my chest. I was given a cocktail of Carbo/Toxal and 28 days radiation. My esophagus was a huge problem and I actually had to go see a digestive health dr to help me swallow. I went in twice for her to stretch my esophagus. They challenge was keeping my strength up. I drank a lot of ginger ale and water. I tried every type of ice cream, anything to get my calories. Like you I had no markers. I went through the whole treatment only missing one chemo day due to low white count. I finished radiation and remember being so weak I thought I was hiking a mile into the center. I know it was a long story but the end results were they were able to shrink the tumor and the radiation took care of the lymph nodes. I was able to have the surgery which removed my upper left lobe and the effected lymph nodes. I’ve been NED since Oct 2018. the biggest thing for you is figure out what you can swallow and if you have any questions just ask me. sending positive and healing thought your way Paula
  2. Carboplatin · Paclitaxel (Taxol) Cocktail
  3. No maintenance so far. I did Chemo and radiation which shrunk the main tumor and lymph nodes. Originally I was told that the cancer had spread and I wasn’t a candidate for surgery. I ended up having such good results that I was able to have an open lobectomy. The surgeon removed upper left lobe and lymph nodes that had been cancerous. That was Oct 2018. I’ve had regular my CT scans and thanks to god and science I’ve been NED.
  4. It’s been a couple of years since I posted my response and I personally don’t think it was figured out. With me I think it was recovering from my surgery. I hope you get it figured out. paula
  5. Hey guys its been awhile since I've posted. It's really a different world right now. I'm like the rest of you staying at home or going to one of my sons and watching a granddaughter. My husband still works but was furloughed until last week which makes us both nervous. He's 72 and works at the airport. The only good thing about his job is it's not around a lot of people. We've been talking and have pretty much decided that when I go on medicare he'll retire. Medicare is another thing that worries me. I'm lucky to see one of the grand babies because they were quarantined and working from home. We haven't seen my other son, his wife and their kids since January. My daughter moved to Las Vegas for work in January so not only is she in a new city by herself we can go see her. I'm nervous about things opening up the virus getting worse. You guys stay safe and take care.
  6. It’s a journey that’s for sure. It’s awesome to celebrate your year anniversary with you! Here’s to a clear scan in April👍🏼🙏🙏
  7. Good luck today and I’m praying for a smooth treatment with little or no side effects. Take Care
  8. Thanks Michelle, I’m so relieved and excited to just forget test for a while. 😁
  9. Brain MRI clear! NED next scan 3 months.
  10. I’m with Tom, I just try not to stress eat! brain MRI tomorrow and trying to stay positive. 🙏🙏🙏
  11. Hello Robert, I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s diagnosis. I read in your other post that it was found after going to the doc for allergies. Thats how we found mine. Thankfully before it was any larger. I think the craziest time was the couple months before treatment started. I know I felt like no one had any urgency and I stressed out. Just try to remember that they’ll do a number of test and everything takes time. This forum saved me when I was thinking the worse. if you have questions just ask and also I read older post that help me know I wasn’t alone. Take Care Paula
  12. PaulaC


    I was told by my doctor to get one.
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