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  1. Thank you all. I am beyond thrilled. It's so scary It's my plan to travel as soon as I feel better. Last pci is Monday. This radiation esophagitis is terrible. I had EGD last Friday and GI doc said he couldn't do anything to help as I was so inflamed he was afraid I might hemorrhage. Taking 4 meds for it. Anyone got any suggestions? I am still real shaky and more exhausted with the brain radiation. So concerned about work too. Right now I certainly am not able. I am a ICU Trauma nurse. Gonna talk to social security this week. I so appreciate each and every one of you for all your su
  2. I am so happy NED. The wait was scary but so happy.
  3. Thank you so much! Waiting is scary but it's all in God's hands and I know he isn't finished with me yet. I have started PCI and other than slight headache which my be sinus haven't had any problems. I am pleased to have each and every day. I so appreciate everyone here for their caring and kindness.
  4. You are right we got this. My MRI head was clear so starting PCI next Tuesday. Doc says there is 40 to 50 percent chance small cell goes to the brain but with PCI it cuts that down to 10 percent. I have had allergies and sinus headache so I was so scared. Having scope tomorrow to check for a stricture in my esophagus. Still having trouble swallowing. Just so happy today. So thankful our treatments are working.
  5. Hi guys, it has been a long journey. Finished 35 radiation treatments and 4 rounds of chemo. Haven't had to use oxygen in 6 weeks or so. I know the tumor is shrinking. Had MRI and will start PCI head if clean. Pet scan on 17th. So scary.
  6. Just wanted to say hello. I too was diagnosed with limited small cell on March 12. It has been a long journey. 35 radiation treatment's and 4 rounds of chemo. MRI head last Monday and if no problems will start PCI radiation next week. I had the same chemo as you are and it made me so sick and unable to function for days later. My skin is burned to from the radiation and swallowing is still hard. I too have lost over 30 pounds. It's been very hard but the fight is worth it. My Doc says 100 percent remission. Having pet scan the 17th. I truly think it's gone. My tumor right lung was 7.5cm x
  7. My first round of cisplatin I had no issues with my blood sugar. Have been type 2 diabetic about 5 years. I was only taking Januvia and blood sugars ran about 130. Honestly I ate anything with no problems. After 2 round of chemo and starting radiation along with it, my blood sugar is crazy. I am still taking Januvia but also on long acting insulin a d a sliding scale. Everyone tells me this will go back to normal as soon as chemo is over. Just thought I would ask if anyone else had this problem.
  8. Yes that needs to happen. I do intend to meet the hospital doctor who saw me in January. Not to be visious or mean. I want her to know what she missed. It might save someone else's life. My SCLC is limited but had I not pushed on it could of spread. So very thankful. Once to meet you, Debbie
  9. Absolutely we all need to either have an advocate or try as I did to advocate for my self. I just kept trying till I finally got someone to listen. SCLC is so fast spreading that often isn't found till it is extensive. Kinda bummed today no chemo this week. My counts were down. Hopefully they will be up next week.
  10. Want to say hello to everyone. I have read everyone's posts. My name is Debbie and I was diagnosed with sclc mid March. My story starts in January when I was admitted to the hospital for a critical sodium level. I had labs in December and it was normal. I then begged for a chest CT as well as a brain scan. I am a ICU nurse at that same hospital. I was in SIADH which causes you to deplete your sodium. My tumor was making ADH which caused me to urinate more frequently and loose my sodium. I stayed in the hospital 3 days and was released on sodium pills and 1000 cc fluid restriction. I mad
  11. Thank you I was hoping to hear from others with small cell. Mine is limited to right lung and lymph nodes in that area. You have made me feel better. Had a pet scan after the first round and it was significantly improved.
  12. Thank you I am hoping to hear from others with small cell. Thank you
  13. Hi I am Debbie Found out March 10 I have small cell. Had 2 rounds of chemo and 14 radiation treatments so far. I go for chemo #3 next Monday.
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