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  2. Dear Rose & Eftal, I would like to welcome you both to LCSC. I would like to say Congratulations on being a LC Survivor! I too am a Stage III A-B lung cancer survivor, and I am coming up to being a 15 year survivor. I wish you both to be a 15 year survivor too. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Keep coming back. I look forward to getting to know you. I sure would like to hear from all of our Lung Cancer Survivors. How about we ALL check in?!?!
  3. Welcome Susie, So sorry you have to find us, however I am glad we are here for you. I am a soon to be 15 year Stage IIIB Adenocarcinoma Survivor. Glad to hear you have alot of fight in you, this isn't a cake walk, but it sure is doable and fixable. There really are a lot more survivors of lung cancer then there use to be, so in short, they have come a long ways baby in treating lung cancer. Still got a long ways to go, but I'm always hopeful. Hope you stay with us and let us get to know you over the years. This is a great support system.
  4. That news just ROCKS MY WORLD my Friend!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK ON! I am SO happy for you. It's not been a easy road for you at times, but girl, I am so PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!! CONGRATES! HAPPY DANCE, and down right AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. (sorry I'm late) CONGRATULATIONS!!! May we both be celebrating 12 more....... years from now.
  6. Happy Birthday You Saxy thing!!! Here's to 40 more my friend!
  7. Dear Ry, Thank you so very much for sharing this incrediably sad news. I know you and Rich were very good friends, and I am sorry you lost such a dear friend. Rich was alot of support to so many of us. Rich was a mountain full of information, and always went the extra 100 miles to help everyone when they needed it. He is and always was an Angel, he will be greatly missed. My prayers are with is family and his dear friends. This is hard to beleive, I never though Rich would leave us. Although he will remain near and dear in my heart and memories. He was a hero in so many ways.
  8. Connie B

    It's difficult

    I guess we can all related to the loss of a loved one. We can live behind there memeories and there shadows,but that don't do any good for them or for us. I don't **Word not allowed** foot around about it anymore. They are gone like it or not, I can NOT bring them back. Nor can you, I can remember all the wonderderfull fun things we did together when they were here. That's what I choose to do. God Loved our lost loved ones, because I sure do. I am proud of all my loved ones, and I want them proud of me. There memory lives on forever... Hugs, Connie
  9. Connie B

    I never forget

    Lilly, I thought maybe something that was said here from Dr. Phil might be of help for you regarding dealing with your grief. I have found much of what this man has said to be helpful to me in during my grieving times. And it has helped me to move on to new chapters in my life. May tomorrow pass softly for you. Hugs, Connie Experiencing Grief after Loss “Although the experience of grief in some form or another is universal, our reactions within the overall process vary widely. Newer research and my own experience tell me that, really, there are not stages of grief but an array of
  10. I can only say I hope not. I would NOT wish this on anyone.
  11. Connie B

    Roll Call

    Lillian, I think Judy and Deb covered roll call very well in the General Forum and the Early Stage Forum. We had a very good reply from members of LCSC. It's always great to hear from those that are beating this beast, be it late stage or early stage. No matter what we all stand together in this battle. I wish us all good luck and God bless us all who are on this journey, and I hope we hear alot more good stories from those who are surviving. God Bless to All, Connie
  12. ((((((((((((((((((JAMIE))))))))))))))))))))))) Your ROCK MY WORLD! Rock on Girl! Rock On!!!!!!!
  13. Today our Sweet friend Wendy would have been 45. Please say a prayer for her family who are having a difficult time without her. Happy Birthday Wendy! Your missed by many!
  14. If there was a cure, no one would be on this board or any other cancer boards. Buyer beware!!!
  15. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful news for you BOTH! I am very happy for you both. I wish you both many years of happiness.
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